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Kasauli's Heritage Market

8:00 AM

Time for an "India in pictures post". The summer heat sapped all my energy, inspiration and will to sift through my pictures or edit them.

Fortunately, I took a much needed mini-break and took a few pictures in Kasauli that would make for good material for my Sunday serie.

Heritage market

Kasauli still has a an old town area dating from the British era. This is Heritage Market, a pedestrian area off the main road (called Mall all across Himachal Pradesh).

With its cobble stones path and narrow lanes, it would be the kind of scenery your would expect all accross Europe in the medieval part of towns. Seeing thins one, the first thing that came to my mind was the tourists area in mediteranean towns where they sell all kind of trinkets and snacks to visitors. The only thing that would give it away as Indian is the fact that the snacks served in stalls around there are momos, jalebi and samose.
I have seen the sale of cheap linens, plastic toys, and flip flops in Italian markets not at all unlike this very one.

What makes Heritage Market nice to visit is not what is offered on sale, but the fact it is a pedestrian area that will lead you to small parks and gardens. Watch out for the monkeys, though, they are everywhere and at the ready to grab whatever food stuff is left unguarded. And, like all old European towns that hang to the side of a hill, there will be some steep path. Which makes it ideal to burn all the calories you might have injested at the food stalls.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    I remember almost all the hill stations I've visited in India until now have this type of market! With cobblestone path amd very narrow lanes.The best one in my opinion is the one at Darjeeling. Except that the items there were actually exotic and not cheap. Maybe because its nearly next to China. I found a lot of imported stuff candies, knick knacks, bags, pretty umbrellas, cute earmuffs and hats, accessories which you won't find it at your average mall in or China store in the city. It was like being in a duty free shop!. They also sell yards of pretty dress materials unlike the ones in our mall/stores.

    1. My MIL and I took a last trip to the market on our last evening after she came back from it with Ishita because she bought cute silk thread wrapped bangles for her and I had to get the same. We ended up buying some cheap necklaces just for fun too. My MIL was thrilled to find some uncut crystal beads necklaces, while I had my eyes on the big chunky funky pieces I usually wear. Lots of fun.

    2. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Leh the capital of Ladakh has same kind of cobble stones paths and narrow lanes. There was also a lot of Tibetan people selling their goods. I think you should take a trip to Leh next time. Ladakh is unlike any hill station in India because of its pristine barrenness and that lake with crystal clear water and then there are those monasteries perched on a peak like an eagle's next. I saw one old monastery which was like thatched hut of mud on top of a tall mountain, very scary. Due to lack of oxygen, we generally avoided climbing the steps because it caused breathlessness. It is unlike any other hill station because of lack of oxygen most people go back to immediately because they cannot acclimatized themselves.



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