Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

10:35 AM

What have you been all doing this week? Since we came back from Delhi Wednesday morning I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact it is Friday already. And, I have been busy doing batches of laundry, cleaning and restocking the fridge.
So much so that I had to dig in my old photos to find a pet picture to share with you all today :

I give you Jasmine trying to camouflage herself among Ishita's stuffies. Can you guess which one she is? (I know, I know it's hard to tell).

On other news, we finally got some rain this morning and my cup of tea tasted that much nicer than it did all Summer long.
Today, I have the last few back to school errands to run (can you believe it? BACK to school! it's finally coming!). We took care of the school uniform shopping before heading on our vacation, and I even got the dreaded Velcro strap sandals that will be the holy grail of many mothers not yet knowing the secrets of the trade.

I would have been done with all of it if Ishita didn't decide to experiment on her old raincoat with scissors during the course of this Summer. As a result, I have to get out to buy another one...when I was hoping we could use last year's one again! Dang dammit!
And, because I am already in procession of her school uniform and because I know what's coming, I am going to spare me a frantic run for pictures. I figured out that if we stop by the photographers shop today we could have her passport pictures in uniform taken then go run the rest of the school errands before picking them up.
All in one trip! And all I need is to put her school shirt and tie in a bag and dress her up at the photographer's.

And, I am sure that you must have an idea of how much I am looking forward to Monday of course.

In the meantime, I wish you all a nice weekend to come.


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    LOL about the raincoat, Cyn! Isn't it ironic how they chose the one thing you were counting on using again to destroy! I'm glad you finally got some rain. We did, too, the other day. Unfortunately I wasn't home to see and enjoy it. Enjoy your back to school next week. We don't go back until August, as we just started summer break :)

    1. These raincoats are stupidly expensive for just being plastic. The one I bought last year was 700 rupees. This year we found a cheaper one at 620. Considering it is used for only 2-3 months a year and then not at all I was really hoping to spare myself the expense.

      Lesson learned, the raincoat will end up hidden in storage in MY wardrobe at the end of the rainy season :-)

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM

    ishita is dangerously creative. I hope she does not unleash her creativity on her/your hair someday lol. She seems to be particularly fond of scissors it seems. About the raincoat it is bit too expensive.

    We get our vegetables, kitchen knick knacks, bags, slippers and even clothes from weekly market and they do last. Many people do so. I suggest you look out for such markets in your neighbourhood. AS you live in the subburbs there must be some market nearby. We were told by our maid about such market and we have been going there for the past six years. It takes a little research but it is worth it.


    1. You don't get that kind of weekly markets much in Mumbai, there isn't much space for them on the road. The few I know about are far from my place and just driving there would 2-300 rupees worth of auto fare, taxi or car fuel one way. Really not worth the hassle for not even really getting a big discount.

      The first year I didn't find the black Velcro sandals easily because the school organized the orders and distribution of school uniforms on their premises and their vendor back then was stupid and didn't think about the Velcro strap sandals. All the shops around had them, but for bigger kids, not pre-primary age children.
      The next year I asked the uniform selling shop as the school changed vendor and asked us to go buy stuff at their shop. They didn't have her size which had me hunting around. This year I went early, so everything was available thank god.
      We waited until we got back from holiday for the raincoat though, but that is the easy thing, not a single shop will be without them during the monsoon in Mumbai

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      I googled for Velcro sandals. My mind went to "vulcanization" process which was invented by Charles Goodyear to make rubber more strong and I thought Velcro was a scientific term. I turns out that Velcro sandal is the common strap sandal. Do schools in Mumbai insist on Velcro sandals for older kids also?? I guess it is common sense given that monsoons are ferocious in Mumbai. In Delhi even smaller kids don't wear velcro sandals to school. I grew up wearing the same official kind of shoes. I wish they do away with leather shoes especially in hot humid conditions. It is true that plain sandals for smaller kinds are not found easily.

      Last time, I was bamboozled with "giant squirt syringe" which later turned out to be the humble pickari of holi. I was not able to understand what a syringe has to do with holi. I thought giant quirt syringe is some kind of organism from a sci fi movie. You do use some exotic terms.

      As far as fuel cost for car is concerned, have you thought about switching to CNG (compressed natural gas). It is cheaper than petrol. The guy who is teaching us driving has a CNG fitted car. The car runs from early morning to late evening. It makes sense otherwise he would go broke. Nowdays, cars come with factory fitted CNG cylinders. We wanted one but it was beyond our budget. The only drawback is that the cylinder occupies the boot space. Even if you use the car regularly, it is way much cheaper than petrol. There are minor problems with the pick up but overall is very cost effective.


    3. Velcro sandals is how they call it in every schools in our area, so Defintiely not an exotic term :-)
      They were that type of shoes only during the monsoon and they switch to regular school shoes in October. The monsoon in Mumbai is really fierce, even adults don't wear anything but rubber chappals and Velcro sandals. A downpour is all you need to completely ruin a nice pair of shoes. Many office goers even Cary their proper office shoes in a plastic bag and commute in old chappals to change to their business shoes once they reached the office.

      I guess CNG would make sense if using the car daily, but in Mumbai, using the car at all is a headache we all avoid, not just for cost, but time as well. If one has to be stuck in a car, it is better if they are relaxing on the back seat leaving the driving to someone else. Autos are covering distances much much faster than cars. The only time we use ours is when we need the boot space to carry heavy stuff, namely our week supply of groceries, or some big bulky purchase that won't be delivered immediately.


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