Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

8:47 AM

The mood of this week can easily be summed in one picture. And that picture would be this one :

Pure bliss, awesomeness, coziness and relaxation all in one. First, because the monsoon has arrived and we rediscovered the pleasure of living with opened windows and no AC.
And then because school finally started! Back to school are the most exciting words a stay at home parent will hear comes the end of Summer.

BACK TO SCHOOL! Back to having some me time, a routine and back to feeling productive. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter. We all love our kids dearly of course.
But there is nothing like 2 months of Summer vacation being forced to stay indoor and submitted to the perkiness of Dora or the enthusiasm of Team Umizumi the whole day long. Especially when you are melting into a puddle of sweat inside your own home...that really doesn't make you want to "Shake your crazy", it's more likely to drive you crazy. Come May and anything but lying in bed becomes too challenging an activity.

So, back to school happened on Monday. We woke up early, packed the school stuff, rode an auto to school, had plenty of time to check the room allocation, and made it to said room before everybody else. It was a good move, by the time I left her in the hand of the teacher, the hallway was stuffed with parents that didn't check the message board and had no idea which room to go. Then I got 3 hours of bliss before having to head back to school, pick her up, and hitch a ride back home on the school bus.
Then it was last minute supplies shopping.

Because, you know, schools are like Governement offices babu's. You can be as impeccably prepared as you want, you will still be sent on an errands to buy stuff that no mere mortals would have thought was necessary. In this instance this was an order to get all 7 Maths brochures spiral bound separately and find 120 ice cream sticks.
I knew that I had to rush to get to that, because half the school would flock to the one and only stationary shop. I got my hands on the two last pack of ice cream sticks, got the Maths books bound and grabbed a sandwich for lunch. Two days later, the teacher sent a note informing us all that we would also have to send rubber bands to school...20 to be exact. So off we went again!

But that part set aside, the week has been super relaxing. Filled with many cup of tea, and the rediscovery of the pleasure of cooking. What can I say, happiness can be found in the tiniest things.

Wishing you all a lovely and happy weekend.


  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Between a naughty daughter and two pets, you have your hands full. Sometimes holiday homework is way beyond the capacity of the child. About Government offices, the offices of public dealing in India are mismanaged because it leaves space for corruption and there is the implicit assumption that Indian pubic has loads of patience. Often you find that there is a method and system but after a point it is left to itself and nobody bothers because of this assumption. This is a peculiar problem in India, government offices in public dealing often do not tell people what to do. Why don't they put up boards with clear directions. On top of it, often people come without reading instructions creating chaos and delay. It is a combination of both lack of information and lengthy procedures.

    In India we get the the big things right but get the small things wrong. So, there is a public toilet which is clean but with no water or no security. What good is a public toilet without water supply?? Nobody bothers about these things because it is believed that people will figure out things or fend for themselves.

    This leads common public to believe that Government servants are lazy, incompetent and corrupt. The offices of public dealing are a part of India and not the entire machinery. There is a lot to Government of India than this. In Delhi, the seat of power, there are thousands of Government servants working diligently in various Ministries/Departments. You don't get away being slack in Central Government. I lived my whole life among Government servants and know them well. They are quiet well rounded and knowledgeable. The knowledge base of a mid level officer working in one of these Departments about his work and the world in general, is quiet good. They all came through exams conducted by Government, so nobody got a free ride . Its not all fun and no work for them with long working hours and even holidays and this is a common government servant not the IAS who are the cream of the services. Ofcourse, the working style is different form private sector but none the less people work. But, what to do, some people in this country think that this country is running on hot air!!


    1. As a foreigner in IndiaI death with the FRRO a lot, they have boards with the list of documents you need, it doesn't stop them from asking you last minutes things that were not on the list. Things that will make you waste a day extra because you will have to come back with the missing documents the next. Not fun at all. I kid you not I once was told to go have the back cover of my passport xeroxed, never mind that the back cover is all red with no writing whatsoever, I had to cross the street all the way to the Xerox shop to get it xeroxed twice before the official will agree my file was complete. And never mind that a red rectangle with nothing once xeroxed look like a black rectangle with nothing...sigh

    2. I always thought Indian employers (gov't & otherwise) valued loyalty over competency. I'm not sure what is on those gov't employee exams but it certainly isn't resulting in any practical knowledge.

    3. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Any exam in India doesn't result in practical knowledge. The reason to conduct those exams is to just filter out lakhs of candidates who want the job. That filtering process involves testing on general and business math. deductive reasoning, English competency and general knowledge to know how much you're aware if your own surroundings. It is followed by almost all Asian countries. It is 20 times more competitive in China and Korea compared to India. Even software companies do the same kind if tests when recruiting candidates on campus. Even a mechanical engineer can apply for the job. You are trained for atleast 6months prior to your actual joining. Now what skills a mechanical can put in a software company? It works this way. Has been for many years.

    4. "It works this way. Has been for many years."
      By your own admission, it is most definitely NOT working.

    5. Anonymous4:04 PM

      Yeah. And how do you suppose you could make it work? India simply didn't become the third largest I.T industry in a span of just 10 years.
      And its just not that. How come Mumbai, and Gurgaon's marketing hub is equivalent to that of Tokyo's and NYC's? When you're not even aware of the training system both Govt and Private don't bother giving suggestions. I also told that was a way to filter out candidates. Who said that practical knowledge isn't given? My western counterparts are paying 8 times the price of the course which I've studied for free in training.

    6. HAH!
      "And yet India still can't build a functional sewage system & by your own admission-
      "In India we get the the big things right but get the small things wrong. So, there is a public toilet which is clean but with no water or no security. What good is a public toilet without water supply??"
      Did I give suggestions?
      NO. So perhaps you have a bit of a reading comprehension problem. That's what happens when the focus of your education is rote memorization.
      Seems OBVIOUS to me if India can't get 'small things' right (like building a functional toilet ) then perhaps the 'system' needs to be changed. An educational system with an emphasis on critical thinking & actual problem solving might help.
      Don't let your emotions get the best of you Apple!

    7. Anonymous8:34 AM

      I did not write the above comments. I usually write my name under my comments. That anonymous was someone else.

      The toilet thing has nothing to do with education but the assumption that people are going to manage somehow. This was because of the colonial mindset where administration was meant to control and not serve people.

      that is why when systems are build in people suffer because of this inherent belief among authorities that people are going to bear pain to get things done. They need comfort upto a certain point only.

      India can build systems and manage it. The kumbh meal at Allahabad is the biggest human gathering of the world where a temporary city of the capacity of Paris is build for months. everyday lakes of people take holy dip. It the biggest man management event of the world. This happens with the same system that build the toilet. unfortunate we have not been able to replicate in other places.


    8. Having been to the Maha Khumbh Mela in 2013 I can say it is NOT well managed.
      I'm not really seeing how managing a temporary event compares to building & managing a permanent, functional infrastructure (such as a sanitation system). (There was no sanitation at the Maha Khumbh Mela in 2013, we left after 2 days as it was so miserable.)
      Anyway, sorry I mistook the previous irrational comment for one of your own Apple.

  2. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I heard Mumbai almost drowned yestetday.
    Hope everyone s safe. I feel sorry for the delivery boys and.labour class people. They can't even take a day off on days like these.

    1. Yes yesterday was quite nasty, the Governement even issued a warning to stay indoors. Many schools closed the whole day and the ones that opened in the morning shut for the afternoon batch due to the high tide warning. Most shops and delivery system were also suspended in many places. Today it is still raining but less heavily we are at almost 3 days of near constant rain. It stopped briefly last night and again this morning, but it is back to raining now.


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