DIY Rainbow mobile

10:42 AM

mobile with coloured popsicle sticks

In the course of this Summer, I managed to kill all the plants I had (and there weren't a lot left to begin with). The trip to Delhi and Kasauli was the final straw in the dry stack that my greens have become (what can I say...I kill plants).

The balcony which is otherwise an nice and refreshing spot to sit in was a sorry site. To add to misery, an old stick mobile made a year or so ago was really starting to look dull and boring as well.
Something had to be done! And while plants buying had to wait for us to have time to do it (namely after the birthday party), getting rid of the old mobile and trade it for a new one was a quick and easy project.

All you need is a bunch of coloured ice cream sticks (known as Popsicle sticks by some) and some thread. My craft stores sells these in colours, but if all you can find are natural wooden sticks, go ahead, you will just have to paint them yourself.

All you need to do, is take some thread, fold the length in half and tie the sticks individually between the two strands. Continue doing so until you reached the desired length and tie a ring on one end to hang to a hook.
To make it a bit more sturdy and ensure the sticks do no slide out of the thread, you can put a small dot of glue on the thread where it touches the middle of each sticks.

The gravity and wind will do their part and make each stick twist and spin independently. And there you go, an easy, less than an hour long craft project that will bring colours into your space.

I, of course, got plants this weekend, so now my balcony looks refreshing and happy again. I am convinced that my dangling rainbow is what motivated us to tackle this plant problem quicker than we would otherwise had. It would have been a crime to let this poor little rainbow all alone on a balcony of dried dead plants.

And please don't start betting on how long they will stay alive. There is no fun in making fun of a brown thumbed being. It's not our fault we kill plants, we were born like this...

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  1. wow! I am usually not doing any craft projects, but also am in the club of killing plants, but I just love these colours and am tempted to try it out!

    1. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one with that very special talent. Since that blog post was written I killed 4 of the plants already :-(


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