Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

10:34 AM

Another week ending, another pet photo to share. This week, I got to snap them both living their own version of bliss on the balcony. Jasmine just lazing around, and mittens chasing flies.

I wish my week was as blissful and carefree as theirs really, because it has been yet another crazy busy week (the lack of blog posts and schedule might have clued you in).
Last Sunday we went to see the movie "Inside Out" which was absolutely awesome, and not just funny for kids, but adults as well.

After that it was business as usual: School stuff, birthday party planning stuff, social stuff. And this week has been heavy on the school stuff especially. They started by dragging us all poor parents to one of these infamous "Orientation meeting". If you are a veteran at school stuff (you get your vet status after a year) you know that Orientation is just a very polite way to waste your time. You will not learn much in these session, and you are coned into thinking you have to go because they will dispense one tiny blurb of information that will be remotely useful. The rest of the content will be for all the parents that do t know how to read the school circulars and diary (and obviously do not listen to these meetings either).

So, on Monday, I dragged my sleepy butt to school after having put Ishita on the school bus. The meeting said it would start at 8am (because yeah, choose the peak hour in a SAHM's day to conduct these!) by 8 we are shown in an auditorium where the staff had completely forgotten about said meeting, so there was no chair set up, no lectern, no projector nothing. I was tempted to leave right away, but figured out that since I made it that far I might actually stay. By 8.20 they had everything set up and the principal told us they would go over the curriculum and school core value before dispensing us the valuable tid-bit about a new math learning program they were going to experiment with.
So we got about 40 minutes of going over the curriculum, which ALL of us should know by then, got the same old speech about the "All round education" that really was the main reason that got us to enrol our kiddos in this school years ago. And then BAM 10 minutes of explaining the Math learning program for which we of course will have to pay extra money.

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

I bolted out of the auditorium the instant we were released, breezed accross the street with promises of errands to run. When midway, I realised that I woke up early for that crap, didn't get my cup of tea, fixed a tiffin for my daughter, dressed her in her independence robbing new uniform, managed to get myself dressed smartly enough for said meeting (there is a secret...I will share it one day) and here I was rushing to the next set of obligations on my long list...

So not happening! Dammit!

I stopped right in front Krispy Kreme, went in, ordered myself a donut and a nice cup of green tea. Because I'm worth it (screw L'Oreal, I don't need your shampoo to feel awesome! Caffeine and sugar will do).

The rest of the school week was a succession of cryptic circulars will only half the informations, because they clearly think parents love scavenger hunts and go on multiple shopping trips for unexpected last minute items. And beside I am sure they have Whatsapp share and need to get mommy school groups buzzing.

And of course, school is still just 3 hours long, because some claim that a 6 years old is physically unable to attend a full day of school right off the bat without months of gradual adaptation.

I don't know who has such 6 years old on their hands, because mine is bouncing off the walls and going nut the whole afternoon long. While I actually feel caffeinated and aware of being a person an hour before she comes back from said school transitional period at 11.30am.

Anyway, off I go, wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    my son is having difficult time with different teachers for different subjects in second grade. as there was only one in the first grade. With his speech problem he is moody and the teachers are having a difficult time. Every year we have to apprise all the teachers about his problems and ask them to coordinate with the special educator. We are literally at school every saturday meeting the teachers as we do not know what is happening in class. Teachers have been helpful but they have their limitations. every one is not aware iof these things, some get a little more confused about what to do and we have to tell them treat him like any other child, he needs a little coaxing.

    btw why don't post a video of u speaking hindi?? would be great to see u in flesh and blood.


    1. The chance of a video ever happening is very slim. And if it happens it will never be in Hindi, sorry, I don't speak Hindi well enough, and I just don't want to be yet another example of "Perfect foreigner who adapted to India and indianized so well she can make video in Hindi.

      I think I will clarify that my husband and I converse and communicate exclusively in English, I use Hindi to get around in Mumbai and to talk to my in-laws. that stops there. I can understand enough to somewhat follow a movie, but subtitles are always welcome. We lived most of our time in South India were English prevails and people are less likely to want to speak Hindi, so I never really had to speak any of it until we moved to Mumbai.

    2. Anonymous11:09 AM

      sorry if i had offended u.



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