Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

2:33 PM

I give you mittens on the washing machine! Because every other times she was doing something more photo worthy I didn't have my phone on hand, and she would stop doing the photo worthy stuff by the time I located said phone.
Ah! Cats!

I hoped she would at least decide to nap on the chair on our pretty and green balcony, but nope, she decided to lounge in the laundry corner instead (I can't call it a room really).
And of course the instant she saw me brandishing my iPad, she decided to stop napping and give me a "Oh god no, not again!" look.

This week has been a very busy one on a social level. Last Saturday we did Ishita's birthday, the Elsa cake was a big success (with enough leftovers to last us nearly a week).
I went to a friend's place for a pot luck lunch (to which I brought some of that Elsa cake). Tuesday it was a coffee meet in the morning.
Wednesday I ended up going out with a friend and our daughters in the evening. We let them run wild in the park for a while and then fed them Kolkata egg rolls and Bengali fish fry. We ate some of that too by the way (I ran out of Elsa cake, had to feed myself something!)

Thursday I was amazingly home the whole day, and totally pooped. So far today, I have no plans on doing it any differently. I'll be running my usual errands this weekend, I need some energy for that.

The weather is totally crazy over here these days, which is not really helping my getting all that energy back. We had the wettest June on record since 1971, but in the past two weeks me must have seen a cumulated total of one hour of rain. Needless to say that the the heat and humidity are making a comeback that leaves us all floored.

Wishing you all a nice weekend ahead.


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