Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

11:09 AM

I was too busy getting myself back to health to take a candid pic this week. If my pets even did anything candid in the first place (not that I remember).
So, this week I give tpyou an older picture of Mittens hiding among the plants on my balcony. She loves going there when she doesn't want anybody to pet or disturb her. The flowerbeds are hard to reach.

In other news, I am getting my energy levels back. Slowly, but surely. I need to work up the energy to go grocery shopping this weekend, because stocking the fridge hasn't been my priority while sick and DH figured out that he and Ishita could survive on noodles, pasta and take out food while I was guzzling my weight in Gatorade and juice.
The problem is that my appetite came back on Sunday and there was nothing to eat. So I gave in to take out options as well. So much so, that I really need to get the troops back to eating normally.

I already cleared the fridge of all the rotten veggies that DH had no idea what to do with while I was drifting in and out of sleep and I need to figure out next week's menu. I think Vikas Khanna's Young Chef is a very good place to start. Ishita needs to get a few cooking know how so that the next time I am sick in bed she can at least fend for herself.

Don't get me wrong, DH has been a great help and took time off work to be able to take care of Ishita, but he didn't have much of an idea about meal time, what food to cook for Ishita or even realised that there is such a thing as a bedtime routine or even bath time. It probably dawned on him that My SAHM schedule is a brutal and demanding one he had trouble grasping and balancing with his attempt at working from home for office. This is where years of experience comes in right? I didn't even realise that it would be that hard for him to figure it all out. And, I was in really too much pain and discomfort to think of making him a check list to guide him through it (now that I am better, yeah sure the thought is crossing my mind!).

He wasn't even helped with the fact, Ishita's school is still only 3 hours a day long as part of the transition phase. So he went in cold turkey on that whole tight time management in the morning, he is the guy that is used sleeping in. And there he was suddenly having to get her dressed, pack her tiffin, and drop her in the bus only to come back up and drive me to the hospital for my blood test, quickly enough to be back to pick her up from the bus and get some food into her system while I dragged myself and a few bottles of Gatorade back to bed.

Speaking of Gatorade? I am sick of the taste, and I am hoping Ishita decide to finish the stash that DH made for me. Now that I am feeling better, there is nothing strong enough to compel me to drink it. Except maybe fridge space...

Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    we men are quiet hopeless at managing household and parenting. basically we are not patient. cooking gives us frights. and we also cannot figure out how many millions of tiny things stay at home moms do everything to run the GRIYASTHI. not all but few are quiet hopeless. women attack tasks with such fierce resolve and organizational skills. that is perhaps why our ancestors envisaged the ten armed mighty goddess durga a tribute to the multi tasking of women.

    my wife takes my son to school, teaches him, cooks and zips around in scooty and i can only marvel at her organizational skills.


    1. I'm like your wife, minus the scooty, I zip around on my feet and by auto :-)
      Getting organised is a big must when you have kids to take care of, otherwise your day gets completely wasted trying to figure out what is coming next. My poor husband had no clues.
      I think it was after my fever went down that I realised he forgot to give Ishita a bath in 2 days. We do bath time in the night before bed so that she can sleep a bit longer in the morning and I took for granted that it would happen that way completely forgetting the DH wasn't aware of the evening routine the way I am.
      A couple of times I also asked him if he fed her some lunch or dinner and I was met with a "oops". My husband has no problem skipping a meal or calling corn flakes dinner, but Ishita needs her food :-) it would have been easier if our maid understood the need to cook with less oil and less spice too, but she is a lost cause. DH tolerates her cooking in his tiffin, Ishita and I don't eat it because it doesn't taste good enough.

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Oh ishita must have had a hard time while you were battling it out. You should have asked your house help to cook up something. Like idli or dosa and light veggie dishes for lunch and dinner. It would have been less stressful for them.

    1. The problem is that my maid doesn't cook well. It has been an ongoing battle for year to get her to stop making everything swim in too much oil and stop using so much spice. My husband will tolerate that food for lunch but isn't too crazy about it himself. Ishita can't eat it, it's too spicy, and sadly I agree that for her it is too hot. I can handle the spice but Ishita took after DH and FIL and doesn't like spicy food much.
      We have told the maid a million time in the past 4 years about keeping the oil down and not using as much chilli in her food. The only success we had, and that too after two years of constant battle was to get her to stop buying green chilies. And sometimes she still sneaks them in. I had an unpleasant problem last year when relatives came to stay over for a day. Like most of DH's family they don't like spice at all, and my maid decided to try to impress with her cooking despite both DH and I telling her NO SPICY dish. I served the food, and we all started having tears in our eyes from the green chilies. When DH questioned the maid she told him that it was tastier that way and that she didn't put that much green chilies.

      So yeah the maid cooking for Ishita is not an option at all.

    2. Anonymous10:37 PM

      Lol... How does she manage to sneak in the chillies despite your protests? Green chilies cause severe acidity and should be used very sparingly. I think I understand your problem because getting new help isn't really an option because that gives more headache to get to know her and train her as to how things should be done. Simply tolerate the old one is a much easier option.

    3. She used to bring them along with the vegetables she plans to cook as we figured out it was better letting her pick them and cook with something she is familiar with as she has a very limited repertoire. Last year I found the bag of green chilies tucked away in the fridge and handed the bag back to her asking her to take them home and not bring them back. Fortunately she finally understood after nearly setting our relatives on fire with her spicy hot cuisine.

      She is not very good at cleaning either, the positive is she is not a thief, and doesn't break plates and glasses. And comes relatively on time. So because of this we aren't firing her. There is no guarantee the replacement will clean or cook better, and she could even have punctuality or trust issue that our current maid is not giving us.

    4. Anonymous9:22 AM

      We had a series of maids when my wife was working. fifteen in five yesrs i guess. We can write a book "maid in india" on our experiences. The maids lived with us looking our child and household work. Then their family members used to interfere not letting her work. I used to take leave when maids left job suddenly searching for new maid. They typically last for one year. Ofcourse there are masters at creating acrimony between mil and dil. They wasted food. We tried maid placement agencies too expensive for us mortal people. besides who can pay have already made it worse for us. lots of pain and misery like a Shakespeare tale.

      ever since my wife left job we did away with maids and now things are saved. she has started cooking herself and it is a grest relief. little hard on her but better than getting gastric problems. as for spices they either do not care about ingredients or it is the only way they know because in villages they usually eat thick rotis of coarse grain with chillis and onion like in rajasthan and punjab. cooking is very urban phenomenon where ingredients are available.

      as they say in Hindi god is infinite and so are his tales, they learned tell them in different ways so are the tales of maids infinite and painful.



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