Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

10:05 PM

Friday night, 9.45 pm this is the exact time it is now as I am typing these words. A mere minutes earlier, sitting at my desk in the study I realised I forgot to blog today. I even forgot to take a picture.

Fortunately, my cat is a desk cat. She loves being around when I work. She often gets in the way, but that is a different topic all together. Tonight, was no different. As I was finishing a few things, sorting out my notebooks, and thinking of my planning for next week, she was there. Protecting me from invisible flying bugs, inspecting my pen holder and making sure my notebooks (and my laptop stayed warm).

And there it was, the opportunity for today's picture. A grainy photo of Mittens at her desk job, taken quickly with my iPad and edited as quickly. An instant snap of a late night's work.

This week has been the last of Ishita's half day in school. The last of me trying to feel productive in vain before she makes it back home hungry for lunch. This Monday, the real school schedule begins. For the first time in years, 6 of them to be exact, I will have a whole day to tackle household chores, and blog work for more than 3 hours at a time. A whole 7 hours a day to manage all my different facets and get my whole act together, without stress, tensions and tight deadlines.

But, before I get to that, I started today by going to a parent teacher meeting. This meant no regular school, and a kiddo bouncing off the walls the whole day long, unable to play with any friends until 5pm (they all have full days of school).
My dog decided to nap the day away in the study, and my cat royally punished ignored me for not serving her canned Whiskas as an aside to her dry kibbles. And, cats do not particularly care that you ran out the night before and had no time to stock up by 6am the next morning.mdemanding little creatures they can be!

As a result of this pet mutiny, I was left with either digging through uninspiring old pictures, or taking a rain check on Pet Blogging Friday. Until that late tonight that is...

Wishing you all a nice weekend ahead!


  1. Anonymous3:02 AM

    How dare you forget the Whiskas? LOL! So cute that she noticed. I know how it is to run from one thing to the next - to school and back, to practices, to the grocery store, and back again. School starts in two weeks, one week for me because I'm a teacher, and these restful, lazy days are going to be just a memory.

    1. My cat is very picky about her food, so clearly having only dry kibbles and no side of canned food was inadmissible LOL

      All the best with back to school!


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