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lunchbox essential

This is it! Ishita is on her first day of full time school today. This is a big milestone in our lives and frankly a moment I have been waiting for to happen for a very long time.
Anyhow, with her being in school longer, it also means having to pack two tiffin boxes : one for the short morning break, and one bigger one for lunch.
All these years I have only been packing snacks, most of them finger food stuff. So much so she rarely needed a spoon or a fork to eat. But, the big lunch tiffin is far easier to manage for me if it is a big healthy pasta salad, or any salad thing. It means she needs some cutlery and a place to keep said cutlery clean and safe.

In Europe, you will find cute little boxed set that contains these essential tools. I am yet to see that in India (I tried). It seems that most people just dump the spoon inside the box with the food. The problem is that by meal time said spoon might be all sticky and gross to handle, at least by my standards. On the rare occasions she needed a fork in her snack tiffins I would find a way to wrap it in a napkin and tie it to the outside of the box with a rubber band. It was still not ideal, the fork or spoon was free to gather back back dirt, and it did mean using a new rubber band each time because, you know, those are used as toys...enough said.

the supplies you need

Then, I had a "aha" moment. You know one of these moment where a lightbulb sparks to life on top of your head if you were a cartoon.
I decided to make her a cute little pouch to keep her cutlery safe and clean. A quick trip to the craft supply store and I had all that I needed :

- Two A4 sized sheets of crafting foam
- A roll of Velcro strap
- Glitter glue (you know because it is me and I am a glitter glue addict)
- A tube of shoe fix glue (I had this one home, I would have used All fix from the same brand, even though they are pretty much the same).

I bought two sheets of foam because I figured out it would be smarter to have a spare pouch in case she looses the first one (that is called anticipation).

Making these pouches is ridiculously easy. All you need to do is fold your foam sheet a bit like a business envelope or letter. Then, glue the edge of the part that is to become the actual pouch and secure with clips until it dries.
I decided to prettify it at the last minute using some leftover paper string from another project, sticking it over the glued side. This is of course totally optional, and the string in question would not hold it together as it is a string made out of paper. The whole thing is purely decorative.

Once that was done, I did trim the "flap" part giving it round corners and glued the Velcro strap into place. At this point I was pleasantly surprised that the strap I bought was self adhesive. That said, it held just fine on the smooth side of my pouch (inside) but the adhesive didn't hold that great to the textured side, so in the end I used a stapler to put two staples in that uncooperative bit of Velcro.

foam pouch

Once that was done, I closed the pouches and started decorating with glitter glue. I wrote my daughter's name on them, but you can just draw or doodle whatever your want really.

These pouches being made of foam are easy to wipe clean and because I kept the whole A4 size, are big enough to stuff a napkin in as well. And at the most, there must be about 70 rupees worth of material on each. You can't beat that price, nothing in the market would be as cute and cheap.

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