Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

9:47 AM

sunbathing cat

Ok, so yes, in some part of the globe, including mine it is Saturday. I dropped the ball this week and the only excuse I have to offer for it is that I completely forgot about it.
Mittens decided to really enjoy the sun we had yesterday morning, placing herself on a shelf in the path of the sun beams. She is enjoying quiet and relaxing mornings as much as I am these days.

It has been the first week of full time school for Ishita. A whole 7 hours a day! 7 hours! And I am not going to lie, it is feeling awesome.
Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter, and kids are great. But every sane parent will tell you that there is a point at which you really really need to have your adult life back for longer chunks of time during the day.

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a difference it has made for my sanity, stress levels and overall productivity. With a small child in the house, wether you want it or not, you mind is on constant high alert. Your sense sharp, scanning your environment for abnormalities (such as as quiet, too much quiet...too much quiet with kids is never normal...).

Then there are all the "Mama alerts". You know, the ones that start with a high pitched "mamaaaaaaaaaaa" that gets you running to check what's wrong. A few years into that and you realise that the vast majority of these alerts is because your kids want to inform you that they indeed have two feet, or that they pooped a big nose poop out of their nose with their fingers and want to show it to you (because it is gross and therefore amazing and must be shared).

You end up disturbingly realising that when there is really some trouble going on you child will not make a peep. Silence is the real danger with a child...if you haven't experienced it, trust me on this, I speak from experience. Silence mean there is some real real mischief going on. In 99.9% of the times, "mamaaaa" isn't an emergency at all.

As a result, with a little one at home you don't really get anything done in a day. At least in a stress free and productive way. And by the time you child really needs your help with something you are a frazzled mess that need to navigate a mine field of half completed projects you all started in the first half of the day but never got a chance to finish.

I had Ishita at home a majority of the day for 6 years. My husband used to travel all the time when she was a baby, I had no nanny to help, no parents or relative nearby to take her a couple of hours. And, if I could do it differently looking back on it all, I would. It's really not impossible to do it all by yourself, far from it. but it is taxing and I now realised that it has affected my stress levels a little (ok a lot at time).
As a result, the hours she now spends home between back from school and bed time are quality hours where I can give her my undivided attention because I got all the chores and work load out of the way long before she stepped out of the school bus. It's a win win situation for both of us.

On this words, I wish you all a nice weekend.


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