Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

8:17 AM

At times I wished I could take some videos of Mittens and Jasmine. But sadly, that would probably means that I need to live with a camera grafted to my hand (or being turned into a cyborg). This week they both decided to do funny things :

- Jasmine got up from the mattresses in the study but decided she had to take her pillow with her. She walked around the flat with the pillow in her mouth, plopped it on the balcony and lied down I,media tell plomping her head on it. If that is not comfort what is?

- One night, I was looking for quick snack of cheese. Took the Gouda (from Amul) out of the fridge to immediately have both pets going crazy (I guess they felt like having cheese too). As I cut the rind off the cheese both were staring at me intently. So, I threw the rind on the ground for Jasmine to eat. mittens didn't wait for me to give her some on the kitchen counter. She jumped right off the counter in the direction of my throw to beat Jasmine to the punch. Except she didn't. She landed on Jasmine's head and only touched the ground to see the precious bit of Gouda rind gone

- Mittens has taken a new morning routine this week. This cat has only one thing in mind : FOOD. So it is apparently my duty to wake up when she feels she is entitled to a bowl refill. If I don't get out of bed quickly enough and she clearly notices that I am awake, she will make me get up.
She climbs in my bookshelf, and promptly kick every trinkets she kind find in said shelf on the floor. My hair brush, a few stones, my candle holder, a decorative tin box...they all go down until I comply. I got put through feline service boot camp people!

- Yesterday night, Mittens decided my hair was a mess. I was on the sofa, reading, and she went on top of the back rest to try to rearrange my clearly not looking so good mane by licking it. Not sure she achieved the effect she was looking for though, she gave up after a little while.

Life with pets is rarely dull as you can see.


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    happy independence day to you and family.

    Jawahar Lal Nehru's famous independence eve speech on this auspicious "at the stroke of midnight hour"

    Imagine the excitement of the day however the joy of freedom was shortlived by partition. What a strange paradox, India struggled for hundreds of years for freedom but at the eve of indepedence one half was chopped away. Punjab and Bengal were divided on communal lines. The country on the west of India became West Pakistan and on the East emerged East Pakistan. People on both sides of the border, depending on their religion, were suddenly told that they do not belong to the place where their ancestors lived. Millions lost their lives. I don't know whether the common man had any idea what partition was. Destiny, human error, who knows whether we are better off or worse off with partion.


    1. Happy Independence Day to you and your family as well.
      My husband was working yesterday. The price of working in retail, you need people to man the desks in the back office.
      This left Ishita a bit bored and cranky, so to distract her I took her to the mall. I was wise enough to leave home early and be there around opening time to beat the massive crowd, we left after a lunch date and a few books purchases to go home, right when the thick of the crowed of mad I-Day shoppers made it to said mall. :-)
      Ishita was very exited to see all the Indian flags and tricolour displays around. She even kept pointing them when we were in the auto putting a smile on auto drivers.

      The whole shopping mania in India is something that puzzled me when it comes to Indepedence day. Because in Switzerland most businesses are either closed or only open half day in the morning. Everybody goes to their respective county ground where big tents are erected and folks music is played while people eat fair food and drinks until it is dark enough to light the traditional bone fire, listen to the pledge and sing the national anthem before doing firecrackers and calling it a night.

      Some apartment buildings do a raising of the flags here in Mumbai, but ours doesn't do anything at all.
      I find it interesting how different nations celebrate their national day differently.


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