Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

11:55 AM

In our household, coming home from a grocery shopping trip is highly celebrated by both furry 4 legs. The funny thing is that cats and dogs don't seem to really see the same thing. Jasmine (my dog) only seems to see an opportunity for a meal. When the bags are coming home, that means the humans have been out hunting. Hunting translates into food and meal time. So, she will try her best to stuff her nose into the bags until she finds anything (and I mean anything) remotely edible.

My cat? Well, my cat is a whole different story. She doesn't care about what's in the bag to begin with. And she will not put her nose in them. No, mind you, she will wedge her entire self in whatever bag she can find, empty or not.

Us coming home from a grocery trip is exiting only because the bags are coming back with us and are out of storage. As far as she is concerned the bags are HERS and their content isn't even important. It's part of feline nature to want to go hide in bags...or boxes, so you can just about imagine her elation when we come home with 3-4 bags of stuff.

Wishing you all a nice weekend to come!


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