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10:29 AM

I have been cleaning my spice cabinet recently. And with that cleaning spree came the urge to prettify things a little. I can't help myself, I need to make pretty labels and leave my personal touch on things. And I promise, I will join the "I am a pretty labels addict" support group as soon as I find the "Gitter glue-a-holic association".

In the meantime, I figured out that I might as well share my urge with others. You know, because sharing is caring...and perhaps because there is a chance I might be the only label/glitter/prettifying addict out there and that unless I can convert more people, I would a lonely soul at those meeting (probably glitter gluing the plate of cookies and labelling the drinks to kill time).

So!!! since I have been busy designing pretty labels, and printed them out. I am going to share them with you. You can download them here.

I left one label blank so you can edit it at will. You can also erase the text on the other labels. I am sure I am the only one with a "Magic Masala" jar. the name has been made up by me and some friend after said friend brought back some masala we had no name for from her native place. Since said spice mix goes well on a million thing the name stuck.

If you want to keep the font of colour I used for additional labels, here it is:

Font: Segoe Script
Colour code: #ff387a

I printed mine on normal paper, and then taped them to each jar. The tape makes them waterproof which is a good idea considering we usually grab the spices while cooking, possibly with hands that are damp or dirty.
If you don't want to go through that hassle, print them on adhesive sheets instead. I might end up doing that the day I will tackle my pantry items jars (I know that will happen, I have plans already).

Those of you in India, might wonder why I don't have a "masala dhaba" aka Spice Box. The reason is simple really. I hate them. Plain old simple, they do not work for me, they take a lot of space, and I could totally see me sending the entire box flying of the counter while cooking sending all of its content flying.
I prefer individual spice jars that close with no risk of everything mixing and looking dirty, plus I know how much shaking I need to do on those jars to get a tea spoon out. It is a matter of preference.

Beside, imagine the monster label I would have to print for that box!

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  1. The masala dhaba didn't work for me either. I found that spices go stale faster in a dhaba too.
    But I did find a new use for the dhaba! If I want to make kulfi or some other chilled dessert I pour the kulfi/dessert mix into the little cups in the dhaba & put them into the big dhaba tin with the lid on in the fridge. Keeping the cups in the dhaba with the lid on keeps fridge odors/flavors out & prevents spills. When it's time to serve we either eat the frozen kulfi/dessert directly out of the little cups or if we're feeling fancy we dip the cups in hot water to unmold them onto a dessert plate. Ta daaaaa!

    1. I always thought spice would go stale fast in a dhaba too, especially in Mumbai where the humidity levels are quite high. It makes no sense to me to open a box with 7 spices to only use 2-3. It unless as expose all the other to the cooking steam.
      In Mumbai I'd say thT even the glass jars pictured above have their limit, it is quite hard to keep things fresh during the monsoon as they aren't fully airtight. There is the Tupperware solution, they do airtight spice shakers, but they are quite pricey. All these glass jars are recycled from when I buy branded dry herbs and spice mixes. I wash the jar and reuse it for something else.

  2. Anonymous11:34 PM

    What is star anise used for? It always left me puzzled.

    1. In continental cuisine it is mostly used in desserts. In Indian cuisine in some dal and meat dishes. It is a very potent spice, not much of it is required to flavour a dish. It is considered a warm taste spice. So it can be used I in a garam masala mix.
      It is also used in some "all spice" mixes.

      I use star anise in creamy gravy chicken dishes and when making a dal dish such as dal makhani.Basiically all dark or whole lenlentigo great with star anise. Only use one petal of the star or two though, the flavour is super strong.


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