8 Things to know about my cat

12:48 PM

Cats have a particular attraction for boxes, size no bar

The festive vortex of public holiday is well engaged and going strong over here. This week Ishita had a whooping 3 days of school. THREE DAYS!
Needless to say I have been running around and doing a lot of things to keep her entertained enough and didn't get much time to think about blog posts.

This week, Pet Blogging Friday is getting a more personal post title. A trend I think I'll continue with in the future, because my "Engageya" feeds at the bottom of each posts are really starting to look all the same.

I had many cats growing up, each with their own personality and tastes. From the one that needed to sit at the dinning table on a chair like the rest f us human to the one that would meow in total distress at his bowl if it contained anything but Iams dry kibbles. We had pillow snatchers, and feet attackers, and diva cats that will only drink water from a ceramic coffee cup. Mittens, like all cats has her own traits and quirks that make her distinctively HER.

- She likes to be served both dry food and wet food at the same time. No negotiation possible, she will wail and meow until that requirement is met. She will camp on the kitchen counter the whole morning and put a show each and every time you step in the kitchen.

- Like all cats, she has a ridiculous attraction to boxes. But unlike the other cats I owned, she has been trying to squeeze herself in a tea bag box and a pizza box, clearly size isn't an issue.

- She is ultra particular about her litter tray. It has to be free of pee clumps and previous poops otherwise she won't use it anymore after a day or two. She will seek an alternative potty spot. Her favourite being the potted plants, followed by the kitchen sink if desperate last resort. She also insist on being right in your face when you are cleaning the tray. It has to be done under her supervision. She will conduct a thorough quality check the instant new cat sand has been put in. She will spin around in the tray, shift the sand around, and test the texture by kicking some of it outside the tray first thing. She may or may not pee or poops during her quality check, but the check MUST be done.

- She won't jump on my head to wake me up in the morning like some of my cats did over the years. But she will go in the bookcase and kick every trinkets she can find in it on the the ground. the bigger the better because the nose is likely to get me out of bed and in the kitchen at one point or another.

- She cares about my dog, a lot. Well enough to feel really upset about the dog not having food. I caught her putting kibbles in her mouth a few times to bring them to my sleeping dog so she could eat them (she slaps the dog if she doesn't wake up to eat too by the way).

- She doesn't particularly like my husband. She will not cuddle with him, and always keep a few feet's distance when he is around. I find it funny because DH isn't so much of a cat person and clearly Mittens picked up on it and is returning the favour.

- If she feels the need to sleep with a human at night, it will be under the quilt against the leg or feet. I never saw her try to hog a pillow or even sleep directly on us.

- She needs to be next to me when I am cooking, or working on the iPad. She is my crazy little stalker. When I am cooking this is particularly funny because I can't help but picture a witch and her cat concocting some crazy potions.

Do you have a cat? What quirky behaviour do they have?

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  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    cats are known to be fiercely independent compared to dogs. dogs need more attention from their owners that is what I have heard and they are quiet unpredictable too. I have read it somewhere.


    1. Dog are definitely more high maintenance than cats, but cats can be very attached to their owners too. They have their favourite people, with Mittens I am definitely hers and she usually is in the same room I am. Right now she is sleeping on top of the printer a few feet away from me in the study. I think cats are more choosy about when and how they want attention than dogs.
      I never had an unpredictable cat, but then I am used to them and their antics.

      One thing cats have over dogs as a definite plus is that they are quite clean and can take care of themselves. We need to give a bath to the dog every 2 weeks or else she really start smelling and she needs to be taken out twice a day to pee and poop. The only wash my cat ever had was last year when I first rescued her, she was caked in mud then. Since then she has been grooming herself quite neatly and they go do their little business in their litter tray. As long as you remember to clean that regularly there is no smell.
      Cats being solitary predator it is ingrained in them not to leave much of a trace about their presence for others to smell or see, which is why they keep so clean.

  2. Our cat would attack our legs or any part that moved UNDER a blanket. So she would try to bite through the sheet or blanket. My daughter would freak out because she moves a lot in her sleep. We ended up having to keep her out of the room at night.

    1. I had a cat that was doing just that when I was a teenager. She was banned from my room at night.


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