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10:48 AM

What is your favourite color? We all have one.
For me it would be blue. Yes blue, despite the fact my blog layout being oh so pink. Don't get me wrong, I like pink, a lot. But, I will gravitate toward blue more easily. The only reason for this blog being pink is that blues are cold colours that can be a bit difficult on the eyes on screen.

It's one thing to have a favourite color, but a whole other to have a signature shade within that color family.
You see, I love all shades of blue. and my life is filed with many of these. But, if I wear to pick one shade that is "Me" it would be a turquoise / sky blue.
This, my friends is MY shade, and you will pretty much find it in every room in my home, and often on my person as well.

Just on this blog, there have been the balcony border and pots, the Welcome art in the hallway, the frangipani painting, or even the much more recent groovy wall border. If you were to come to my home, you'd find turquoise in accents all over the place. The curtains in my living room and bedroom, my office supplies, my painting, on some serving dishes...and do you remember this frame?

Having a signature color is really neat. And if you haven't found yours today, let me give you a few pointers.
It starts with having a favourite colour family. As I said, for me it's blue. And we all have one family of hue we favour over other.

Look through all your blue, red, pink, purple or greens and identify the shade you seem to have the most of. If you like green, you might have all kind of different green tones in your home or wardrobe for example. But there will be one hue that will always jump out and be in majority. It could be lime green, forest green, hunter green. Your signature shade is usually the one that really speaks to you, the one you will pick over all the other shades.
If no particular shade really jump out in a very obvious way, just gather as many things you have in your favourite color family and spread them on a table or on the floor before you. Include magazine clippings as well if you have some you could use. Pick that one shade out of the lot that speaks to you.
You know, the one that makes you feel happy at your core. The one that brings you peace, the one that really pulls you out. This very shade is likely to be you very own signature color without you having been aware of it.

Once you have that special shade identified. Begin using it in accents around your home and in your clothing as often as you can: a pretty necklace, funky drinking glasses, a painting, soft furnishing, your stationary...the more you add of it the more the colour will be associated to you.

So, what is your signature colour? What shade do you tend to gravitate toward?

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  1. Red, Red and then more Red! I try not to go mad in the house and have everything red but I am tempted. I wear a lot of red clothes though, with a little pink and purple to mix it up a little!
    That blue of yours is pretty gorgeous though, like a the sky on holiday somewhere warm.

    1. I think red in home decor is an awesome color for accents or a statement wall. There was a time I used to wear red a lot too.

  2. My signature color in my clothing would probably be black. Is that weird? I just started wearing black turtlenecks. blouses & jackets with everything from jeans to skirts & trousers in neutrals (like grey, cream, taupe, or more black) as a busy medical intern- it made my wardrobe easier to choose & buy for than some complicated outfit. Plus you're probably going to get spattered with something icky in healthcare & you don't have to worry about stains with black.
    Although I do have a penchant for sizzlin' hot Barbie pink lipstick & blush.
    For my homes in California I used to always choose a rigid neutral palette like taupes, creams & dark brown with metallic accents- I thought that was ultra sophisticated, soothing & spa like. Having such a bland palette did make seem to make selling my California homes easier though.
    Now my taupes have switched up to deep caramel (at least on the walls) with a rather wild palette of red, purple, orange, & my beloved Barbie hot pink- with gold metallic accent pieces. What else does one do with a huge L shaped tomato red sofa to deal with? I've decided to go black & metallic gold with all my kitchen & dining ware- makes it easier to mix & match.

    1. I have a lot of black in my wardrobe too, since they all end up in the laundry all the time, I go for stuff I can mix and match easily. I also have a lot of blue and real. I hate clothes shopping, so new stuff should always match some of my old stuff to make it easier. Right now I am postponing an unavoidable shopping trip to buy bottoms as all my shorts and pants seem to be tearing appart due to old age, not looking forward to that shopping at all. I might end up stocking on palazzo pants in black and blue and calling it a day.


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