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Funky car in the chaos

9:07 AM

It's not everyday that you see a lime green and magenta car

I spent most of this past Saturdayon Mumbai's road. First in the morning to drop Ishita to Gymnastic, then in the afternoon to go to a friend's place about 20km away from us (and in Mumbai that is still considered fairly near). It took us an hour to reach her place but only because we were stuck in a traffic jam 2-3 kilometers away from our destination.
On the way back, the same distance took us a whooping 2 hours (you do the math, that means we were actually hacking about 10km an hour, that's Mumbai for you).

While stuck into a very chaotic intersection, the friend I was sharing a ride with spotted this awesome car in the picture. I say awesome, not because I necessarily want that car, but because seeing such a crazy paint job is pretty awesome.
Like the world over cars in Mumbai come in fairly reasonable, respectable and muted shades of white, black, grey, and red for the boldest. You know, because cars should blend in with the concrete gloominess of cities. Because nobody will take you seriously if you drive a hot pink car with polka dots (unless you are Barbie of course).

But, seeing such a bright car in the middle of Mumbai's traffic, dirt and mud is actually very refreshing. It distracted us from the traffic jam for a few minutes. I say this car served that purpose well. We could have spent these few minutes cribbing instead but we didn't.

This car also reminded me of my Synchronized Swimming coach back in my youth. She had a VW Beetle (the old vintage one, not the New Beetle) that had a green body and puple wheel fenders and bumper. She had the funky old car that nobody could miss. Because yes, people in Geneva drive equally muted and boring cars (didnt I say it was a world over thing?)

When I got back home I told DH about the Awesome car and described the paint ob before showing him the picture. Our dialogue following my description :

DH : Which car was it?

Me : It was just a car, who care about the brand, it's the paint job that was awesome

DH : Aare baba! The brand is more important than the paint!

Me : Who cares about the brand? It has 4 wheels and it takes you from A to B, it's a car. It's the pain that makes it stand out.

DH : Women!

Me : Ugh! Men!

This ladies and gents are why Men and Women actually come from different planets.


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    most people with expensive cars use funky colours. They can buy an expensive car so are more likely to have these artsy tastes. A small car with funky art would perhaps look funny. These things look good on certain types of car and are associated with certain brands. This car does look spectacular.
    I think perhaps that is what he meant.


    1. That car doesn't really look like a super expensive brand or model, but I think it's owner takes some pride in his car and had a custom made job on it.

      My husband means mega brand if he hears awesome applied to a car, the kind of sports model with a lot of horse power. To him seeing a Ferrari, a Porshe, a Bentley or an Aston Martin would qualify as awesome.
      A Maruti Zen or Hundai type painted in crazy colours, isn't what he would describe as awesome LOL but most women would think it is funny or cool to see a car that comes in another colour than black and grey :-)

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    It is true that men are more brand concious as far as cars are concerned. Definatly, Maruti or Hundai type does not qualify as awesome.

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