Love yourself first...always

10:20 AM

In order to love others, you need to love yourself furst, indulge in that coffee, that much needed holiday, celebrate yourslef. Love, love yourself already!

Your life is all wrong. All of ours are wrong, mine included. We all make more money than others, end definitely less than another bunch of people. We dress different, we don't conform to a norm set by another somebody. We plain out suck, yes we do!

That is if you actually care about what other people think. What you may end up believing if you put others in charge of who you should be, what you should do and where you should belong.

The funny thing, is we all have that tendency to want to  be part of the "In crowd". What we don't realise is that if we allow somebody to dictate whether we are in or out, we pretty much sold our soul to them. We let those people own us.
So the question is : Do you want to be owned? Or, would you rather be your own master? Really what do you have to gain by changing yourself to be accepted by a bunch of strangers who set high standards you must absolutely conform to in order to be their "friend"?

You know what? I stopped caring about this a long time ago. 

You don't like my lifestyle? You don't have to. Just be glad it isn't yours. You think I look butt ugly? Good for you, its good to have an option. I just don't have to believe it. You hate that I don't live your life and feel the need to voice it? Sorry I was really too busy enjoying my own life to really worry about these kind of things.
You hate me so much it hurts? Awww what a silly thing to hurt yourself over! Have you tried slamming your toe in your door frame instead? It is a much more rewarding type of pain to hurt over.

You see, the people that feel the need to tell you how wrong you are and how ugly you look, usually are the type of people that spend their energy on negativity. They actually hate themselves with a passion. They let other tell them crap, and they believed it. I'd rather not spend all my energy that way. It doesn't seem very healthy to me. Won't you agree?

I myself spend my energy on love. And guess what? I love myself first, generously. I dig with a big ladle in that big bowl of love and serve myself a copious amount of it.
You think that selfish? of course you do!
Our entire culture has been built on the idea that we should feel guilty to be so well off because there is always a more miserable being in the world we should care about. We should sacrifice ourselves so that the less fortunate can have a better life...for free. Selflessness has become such a big mantra we should be all appalled at actually being healthy.

Help the poor, help the orphans, help the sick, the dare you enjoy an expensive coffee? Donate that money already! Come on, bleed and slave, these poor people need you. So what if you only survive on pasta now that you sacrificed so much? Do you know some don't even have the luxury of pasta? Donate them to the food bank...starve I say, starve! Hate yourself with passion for being who you are, because you are an ugly, selfish human being for just having a roof over your head...redeem yourself for it.

What people seem to have long forgotten, is that any action must come from love. That if you love yourself, you end up spreading love and contributing positively to your community. If you do things out of guilt, you are hating yourself and seeking approval of peers that you aren't such a horrible human being. Would you want others to decide that for you? Really?

All I can say, is that if you wish to  belong to my "in crowd", all you need is to love and respect yourself first. You can hate me, I have no problem, but love yourself...always.
And chances are that if you are doing just that, you won't have much time left to hate me anyway, or even care about it.

Love is amazing isn't it?

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  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Nice post! If we don't love ourselves first how can we expect to be loved by others.
    Many a time I find it truly hard to forgive myself even though temporarily I forget it keeps bothering and coming back to me hence I've found it incredibly hard to like myself. Atleast I'm working on it so I know I'm going somewhere if not now in future maybe someday I will love myself and be thoroughly confident of it.

    1. Loving ourselves is the hardest thing. Mostly because our entire society is against that idea. We need make up because we don't look good on our own, we need to take classes to perfect ourselves, self help books, figure enhancing lingerie, smart suits and a good hairdo. And once we finally seem to appear to have it all together, we get judged for being too confident, too well off, too successful, too whatever and because of it, branded as selfish.

      love seem to be only good as long as you give love to others, but if you love yourself it apparently become synonymous with being Nacisstic, which is seen as vain and really bad.

      in the end, I see it as extremely destructive. I mean this ingrained self loathing we are conditioned to believe as acceptable.

    2. Anonymous3:38 AM

      Love is good, but in my book, respect is more important. Respect as acceptation of whatever people are ;)

    3. No respect alone is not more important. Not if it is given out of love and isn't a two way street.
      Beside, if you don't love and respect yourself as a person, you aren't going to be doing a good job at loving and respecting others.

      I myself think I am worth far far more than my own respect, I don't respect myself, I LOVE myself. And if you love, you automatically respect. So there you go, LOVE is the most important thing.


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