Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

7:55 PM

Cats are the masters of the art of chilling, in baskets, in boxes, in the sun...we can all learn how to relax from cats.

This week kicked my butt, or maybe whipped it. I am not even sure if there is much of a difference in how it would feel. And I wished I had the luxury to hide myself in a pretty pink basket like my cat did.

It all started last weekend with DH heading to Delhi to meet a cousin while I stayed in Mumbai with Ishita, recovering from a birthday party and diving into a whole weekend of errands, and activities before diving right into a week loaded with meetings, activities, and plans.
By Monday night I was sick to my stomach, bent on two over the commode while spilling my guts (and feeling quite shitty afterwards). It is still unclear what caused it, nobody else was sick in the home, so we can definitely rule out food poisoning.

This session of nocturnal porcelain goddess worship put an immediate end to a lunch gathering I was supposed to attend on Tuesday (which I realise was a blessing considering how hectic the week went). I spent all of Tuesday being feverish and having slight body pain while not being able to eat much more than a few pieces of toast.
By Wednesday I was tired but doing fine otherwise, so I tackled some behind the scene blog matters before taking Ishita to our weekly play date.
I then spent the night tossing and turning and seeing DH go back to Delhi for just a day.

Thursday ended up being the most brutal day of all because while DH was flying to the capital, I was heading down to South Mumbai for some administrative business I had. It had me in the back seat of a cab by 7.30am to reach Nariman Point an hour later. Once my little business over, I hoped back into a cab, this time with more traffic and no AC. The return trip ended up being a two hour drive before picking up Ishita from the school bus, waiting for the maid and having a friend calling me to check if I was up to go out with our daughters for dinner.
I of course totally was up to it, the idea of cooking dinner at home daunted me more than anything. No forces strong enough would have made me do it and I was glad to just be out again (no dishes, was the added bonus).
This is when DH called me, announcing that his work trip would extend until Friday evening. It was followed by another night of insomnia due to being plain out exhausted and keyed up from it.

I woke up this morning feeling even more tired than I felt the night before with the prospect of having Ishita home the whole day at home. You see, while all the other schools have a half day for Teachers Day, hers decided to give the entire day off to the kids. It went on being a day of me cleaning a lot of things I meant to clean earlier, followed by a trip to library, the supermarket and finally back home were I cooked a lunch of stir fried veggies strips and noodles my daughter didn't like and my finally crashing into bed for a long nap.

As I type these lines I have three girls shouting while they play, a splitting headache and a tummy that is telling me once more that maybe, just maybe my body should slow down a little.

But, the weekend is coming,moth its assorted lot of Gymnastics classes, grocery shopping and errand running.

And we are entering the festive vortex...that blissful period during which no parent manage to catch their breath until the last Diwali cracker went poof and dissipated in smoke two months away from now...

Wishing you all a nice weekend.


  1. Anonymous3:08 AM

    I would love to curl up in a pink basket for a week or so with lots of good books, snacks, and hot coffee! You cat lives the good life! It sounds like you had a hellish week. I can take anything except a stomach virus - they are the worst. I also get too tired to sleep, which seems ridiculous, but when I'm really tired I feel energized in a weird way ... until it's time to get up, and then I realize how exhausted I am! I hope you have a good weekend!

    1. Oh yes! This is exactly that : energised in a weird way.
      The worst is that it is totally unproductive energy too. The kind that makes you just about explode in a million direction and make you spin like a whirlwind toy, and you have nothing to show for it at the end of the day except a million half way through things lying all around. This is frightening.

      There seem to be a whole bunch of viruses doing the round in Mumbai this week. I haven't met a single of my friend who hasn't confessed they were feverish, feeling out of sort or where dealing with a kid that was feeling that way. That infamous Tuesday lunch I had to cancel had two other persons cancelling for sickness as well.

      I sure hope to catch a breather this weekend, I sure need one.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      happy Janmastmi to u and family. may Lord krisna bless u with good health. It is probably due to humidity. better stick to kichri and yogurt for a few days. sometimes it is not infection but the digestive system slowing down due to heat.

      I suggest u keep a few homeopathic medicines at home for flu, fever, stomach ache. They are completely safe for children and sweet too just their taste. It provides relief instantly and also prevents further deterioration. just the time u need to figure future course of action.

      talking about festival vortex durga poohs is a month away. four days of whirlwind panda hopping and food. After the fourth day u realise that were on he road most of the time. We bengalis splurge on durga pooja then have to spend on diwali. It kali pooja for us on diwali not laxmi pooja. do visit beingali durga pooja celebration if u want to relish famous bengali fish.

      btw janastami every year reminds me of how in childhood we created various scenes of krishna's life using chalk, sand, stones creating rIves, mountains etc. with little idols of krishna and that swing where little krishna was placed with everyone tugging the string. old memories.


    3. Thanks, today my husband is working, my cat is sick, I am totally dead beat and worn out. Not catching a break.

      It was probably a viral thing. I HATE HATE HATE HATE kichdi, if that is even possible that thing makes me sicker to my tummy.
      I think the tummy trouble in my case was the viral fever coupled with the fact that I am constantly on the run these days.

      Durga puja is less big in Mumbai than Ganesh Chaturthi, once again this year, the kids will have a 5-6 days holiday under pressure from a political party.

  2. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Poor you, I hope you are feeling better now !

    1. I sure do, I took it easy all last week to recover from that crazy week I detail above.


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