Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

8:47 PM

With last week being so hectic and stressful, I took it very easy this week. I only did things that made me happy, didn't schedule anything and just enjoyed the comfort of my home. This was a much much needed cure believe me.
I can't afford to be frazzled next week as Ganesh Chaturthi and its infamous 5 days school holiday is upon us.
This week, Mittens was happy to stick by me. Being my faithful "desk cat", and when I decided to move my work to the sofa today she happily plopped next to me only to open her eyes and giving me a questioning look when I snapped this picture above.
This is how simple and uneventful this week really was.
On this words, I wish you all a nice weekend ahead.


  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    both ganesh chaturthi and durga poooja is ten day festival. effectively it is five days for durga poooja which nowdays means three days only. I think it must be the same for ganesh festival. these days these festivals don't last for more than four days.

    my north Indian friends actually found a festival more than one day little strange. They asked me what u do for five days. I cannot explain to them that five days are spent travelling from one gorgeous panda to other, eating, cultural events, music, theatre and ofcourse fantastic prasad. there is something divinely tasty about prasad which u cannot replicate in your home.


    1. Durga Puja isn't as big in Mumbai as Ganesh Chaturthi is. But yeah even though it is supposed to be a 10 day festival most people will have a holiday on the first day when Ganpati comes home, invite friends over, do a puja, share sweets and be done. Then there are immersions on various days, the main one being on day 10 which isn't necessarily a holiday for everybody.
      I find it a bit stupid to give kids a 5 days holiday, when every single offices and companies in town only give one day off to the parents. It's not even like people take their holidays then, they are all saving their precious paid leave for the Diwali break that comes a few weeks late anyway.
      This mandatory 5 days off for school is sadly a politically motivated move. When they forced it last minute on people 2 years ago, they were hopping schools would kill the Christmas break arguing India is a Hindu nation and Christian festivals were not to be part of a long school break....blatant disrespect of the Indian constitution at play, once again.
      I think people should really stop dragging religion into politics since this country has been established as a secular nation. But yup in Mumbai we get a lot of that right wing crap these days :-(


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