So many ideas, so little time!

1:47 PM

Did you ever find yourself in that spot? The one where your mind is racing with a million projects and ideas but you realise it would take more than 24 hours days to do it all?
This is pretty much me right now (like I hinted at last Monday). And to be fair, I did accomplish a lot of things (just not all blog or creativity related). It's just that the amount of things I wanted done was humongous, and probably very unrealistic a goal, then the heat we are experiencing in Mumbai didn't help either.

I spent a lot of time glued to my sofa (literally! my excessive sweating stuck me there). The study is quite unbearable after 9am so I moved my base of operation to the coffee table in the direct path of the slight draft we can hope to still experience in this furnace.
I spent a lot of time editing old personal pictures (like the one above) for a big project at home. Said big project occupied me in other ways as well and it will be featured on the blog very soon. For now, I give you a sneak peak :

This big project involved the help of a carpenter, and the use of chalkboard paint. My first time using said paint at that. I now have one other solid idea involving this paint, and a few not so set in stones one...
You know, because in the world of Cyn, a can of paint can  does trigger a creative chain reaction.

When not working on that project or being held captive by the sofa I managed to get some cleaning done, and some de-cluttering, and worked behind the scene on some blog stuff.
Oh and I made lists, because you know...I love lists. Lists are great, lists are awesome, lists prevent my brain from going Kaput. The problem if lists is that they trigger chain reactions too.

Now I have a 2016 Printable calendar project that needs the be completed. I am already thinking of Diwali (the holiday is looming on the horizon), and Christmas, and New Year, there is a whirlwind mayhem of painted lanterns, paper craft, cooking, graphic making new recipe trying that are competing with all the other million ideas I added to my lists just this week.

On the positive, it doesn't really look like this blog is ever going to run out of ideas. I might need to forgo sleep completely though, and that is an entirely different story.

Now it is time to get back to my watercolours. If I manage to be able to lift my forearms off the surface of my desk. My sweaty arms have taken to the laminate surface quite well...

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  1. What a great photo of Ishita!!!!
    Speaking of paint & DIY-
    How can I convince my Indian husband that I can paint the kitchen the brilliant, high gloss, easy to clean yellow that I want instead of the nauseating pastel flat mint green that we've looked at since 2008?
    I tell him I've painted rooms at my houses in the US before but he just looks at me like I'm insane- Indians have no sense of DIY.
    I don't want him to hire professional painters to do it because I've seen what a mess Indian painters make.

    1. No idea how you can convince him, as you said DIY is totally lost on most Indians. I would do it without telling him and let him see the result :-)

      I hate the mess painters make in India, they don't cover anything, splatter paint everywhere and in the case of water based emulsions they dilute it further with more water to rip people off the price they paid for it. The living room had a bit of damage from the faulty AC from the upstairs neighbour and luckily I found the painters had left some pots of paint in a bathroom when we moved in. I emptied all the water that settled on top of the emulsion and used the think and rich normal consistency emulsion to fix that wall myself. I am really toying with the idea to paint the rooms in this flat with a proper glossy vinyl paint that will keep clean longer because after three years in this flat the walls are looking GROSS. There are hand prints everywhere, smudges on the hallway wall at the dog's level and mop splatter water from the maid's mopping.

    2. I'm in the "walls are looking GROSS with handprints, smudges, and peeling paint" camp too.
      Plus in the kitchen one of my visiting Kashmiri sister in laws decided to wipe her greasy hands on the walls. ( I am told by my husband this was not meant as an insult but is common practice in Kashmiri kitchens. EW.)
      If I try to wash any of these stains off the paint comes off too, so I am left with an even worse looking patch of bare plaster. The paint in our house is the cheap, watery kind you describe also.

    3. Ewwww that is gross! It would never cross my mind to wipe my hands on a wall!

    4. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Hey Bibi, I could send you my husband as I managed to convince him to repaint the bathroom a few years ago, but we live too far away... Basically I told him mould is bad and would give asthma and bronchitis to everyone in the house... Maybe you could try the hygene/purity angle... Or just start washing and painting and see what happens. Couldn't your sons help you ?

      I've seen many people wipe their hands on the wall including in temples. Somehow it annoys me less than people wiping their hands with their dress. (Pad)

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM

    I love your blog! It's my favorite and the first one I started reading years ago. I found the link on the iVillage board for allergies, I think. I like your creativity and the way you keep it real!

    1. Ohhh iVillage and its message boards! I still find myself thinking about those very often. I was a CL on that board at the time :-) I am still bummed, at how things went in the last few years with iVillage and how it got killed. It was such a special place for many women, including myself. I started this very blog because a fellow CL suggested I do. And I owe iVillage all the graphic designing and HTML skills I got over the years.

  3. Anonymous8:18 PM

    We wanted washable paint for our flat but found that it was beyond our budget. so we settled for the ordinary one. When u have child it makes sense. The only thing we did was to have different colours for different rooms.

    In our government flat there were only two colours. white for rooms and yellow for kitchen and bathroom just to make sure they look different. In fact it was just lime mixed with water, so white probably looked the most decent. It was just straight forward two layers of lime. There were no other colours known. The doors and windows had even drab colours green and brown. These things were not supposed to last for more than two years.


    1. The main problem with modern water emulsion paints in India is that painters will cheat the customer. The paint in itself is good quality as it is coming out of the pot, well as good quality a water based paint can be that is. But painters will heavily dilute it with more water so that it end up looking like the white wash made of lime but loose all the thing that made the emulsion quality to begin with, and they still charge you the money for the undiluted paint.

      My flat is a total disaster after 3 years of living in it and that is without taking into account all the doodles Ishita put on the walls, just the grease and hand prints are disgusting. I am really toying with the idea of repainting some of the rooms myself, I've done it in Switzerland, it is a bit time consuming but not that super difficult to pull, especially if you go for the rollers rather than the brush ( which also waste less paint and drip less).

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Love this picture of your daughter. Cleaning, decluttering and doing something creative in the same day sounds incredibly productive to me ! Take care (Pad)

    1. Thank you :-)
      You are right, this is productive, but compared to the high flow of ideas in my mind what end up being achieved represent about 5% of it all. So that means 95% of the stuff that floats in my mind on any given week is still floating there by the end of said week.

      This usually result in me saying to myself "Ugh you could have done more than that" I'm my harshest critic LOL


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