Bejeweled lanterns with LED candles

7:06 PM

Some of you have asked me to share pictures of my bejeweled lanterns once lit and I am happy to do so.
I mentioned that I would be using LED candles in them as some were really deep and lighting a tea light candle in them would not have been possible. Not to mention some of them were hung high enough to make it a challenging acrobatic feat.
I managed to find one seller that could guarantee me a delivery before the 11th on Amazon. I am fairly satisfied with them though it wouldn't really hurt if they could flicker like real candles (those don't). The only real complain I have is that the light was quite orange, but not to the point of looking really odd.

These lanterns in the pictures were on my chest of drawer in the living room and using LED lights in them was a really good idea as the jars do get really hot when they have real candles in them. Heat that would have damaged the hard wood.
On Diwali itself, I forgot to take pictures of the lanterns hanging on the balcony (bear with me). There was so much light from my other Diwali lights that I am not even sure a balcony picture would have really worked to showcase the lanterns in question anyway.

As far as Diwali is concerned, we had a nice quiet low key one. We had such a hectic past few weeks that not going out of our ways and staying home just felt about right.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    So pretty! These LED lamps are quite convenient. I've seen some people place those even at the entrances and rangolis. With kids around they're surely the safest option. You can't really keep an eye on the kids the entire time. My favourite ones so far are the coloured cracked glass lamps. On lighting them they create such a nice pattern on the wall. I'm amazed that they're so easily available now since only fabfurnish used to stock those.

    1. I saw some that have a wax body and flickering light that mimmic real candles perfectly on Amazon, they cost a bit more of course but I can see where they might be popular. With kids around, or heck even pets an accident can happen really quickly. This year we kept the oil diyas to a minimum, we put two outside the door, one on the pooja shrine and one in each room, this also made cleaning much easier because all the other years we would deal with big oil spills from our diyas and that would take days to clean the mess.

  2. What happened to your gorgeous faux colored glass Moroccan style lanterns, Cyn?
    I'm going to have to pick up some of those LED candles the next time I'm in Delhi, they look quite nice.
    OK, I hate to be the crabby old aunty/party pooper but this is like the 7th day in a row I've had to listen to blaring Nepali pop tunes from noon to 1 AM. I'm glad we didn't have so many of those darned crackers this year (probably due to the ongoing India/Nepal border blockade). Enough already with the festival!!! (Or at least the noisy part of the festival.)

    1. I still have those lanterns too :-)
      I am glad that the firecrackers trend is loosing steam in Mumbai too, we still have them but the noise is minimal and only really last 2 days. Most people went back to buying just a few simple crackers to celebrate and prefer a few pretty one over a tons of noisy one. The cost of these crackers are so high now that people think twice about spending a fortune on them when it could go be spent on something else.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      the jars are beautiful. btw, did u make rangoli and tiny feet of goddess laxmi??


  3. No I didn't :-( our hallway is super narrow and crammed with kids cycles so it didn't make sense, and inside my flat it would have been fair game for the cat and dog and made a mess. We got a new cycle for Ishita that is big enough to be parked outside in the cycle parking, so we are going to get rid of the toddler cycle, so next Diwali we will definitely have more space to do a small rangoli outside. I usually do a pretty flower rangoli when we celebrate at my in-laws because they have a big driveway and the space to make a nice one. Over the years it has become custom for me to make that rangoli, my in-laws are the first one to remind us to go buy the flowers to make it. The family knows that when DH and I are there for Diwali there is going to be a big rangoli greeting them.

  4. This is so cute! Looking perfect dear Cynthia :)

    1. Thank you dear, glad you found my blog too :-)


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