Happy Diwali

7:40 AM

To all of you who celebrate it, I am wishing you a Happy Diwali. May it be filled with light and happy moments, and if you plan on bursting crackers, please stay safe.

I put up all the lights in my home yesterday and we made a few more bejeweled lanterns, today we are going to buy some sweets and a few fireworks (the pretty kind like flower pots and chakras) and are going to celebrate at home, as a family. These past few weeks have been very hectic for all of us and we welcome the idea of a small and quiet (well as quiet as it can get during Diwali in India) celebration.

Happy Diwali to all of you dear readers!

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  1. Happy Dipawali, Bhailo, and a belated Kukur Tihar to Jasmine!

  2. Thank you, I think Jasmine would say thanks too if she wasn't completely on edge because of the firecrakers bursting. Yesterday evening both she and the cat were tensed and sticking close to me.

    1. Anonymous9:32 PM

      It is interesting to note that in Nepal diwali is a five day festival were different days are dedicated to different animals like dogs, cow and crow to celebrate the bond between animals and man



    2. Anonymous10:56 PM

      another interesting fact is that dog is called kukur in bengali as well. kukur is a sanskrit word, no wonder it is the same in Nepal and tihar sounds very much like the hindi word tyohar which means festival.


    3. I knew about the different animals being worshiped during Diwali in Nepal, the dog one in particular. I keep wondering what would jasmine do if we put a flower garland around her neck :-) Whenever Ishita plays dress up with her she enjoys it a lot, but with flowers she might actually feel compelled to eat it as she is a lab and for labs anything remotely edible is fair game LOL

  3. Deepavali (or Dipawali)
    Deepa = lamp or light in Sanskrit
    Avali = in a row in Sanskrit
    Dashain - Tihar - Dipawali all closely follow each other here in Nepal making a 14 day long holiday. Banks used to be closed for the full 14 days but recently they've started opening for a few hours every day during the holidays except for Saturdays.
    "Bhailo" is another Nepali tradition celebrated during this time. It's a bit like the American Halloween 'trick or treat'. Children and teenagers go door to door singing traditional Bhailo songs and beating drums LOUDLY until you give them coins and or treats to go away. Supposedly the Bhailo singers then bestow blessings of prosperity on the households in return for the coins & treats, although if you don't give out coins/treats the Bhailo brats may throw rocks at your house!
    Our dog was having none of the festivities except for her ceremonial meal. She ripped off her garland of marigolds & hibiscus flowers, refused to allow a tilak to be placed on her forehead, & hid in a hole she dug in the back garden all day.


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