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11:47 AM

The weather is yet to show signs of really cooling down at the moment (the joy of leaving a tropical climate). In hope of conjuring Winter and cooler days to grace us I decided to put together a Hot chocolate menu card from the chart I mentioned in this post.

This is one of those super easy project anyone with a printer can pull and it ads a little oomph to your living room or kitchen for the season.
Make it and have the perfect excuse to throw a hot chocolate party
First, you will need to go save the Hot Chocolate chart found on the link I just gave you above and print it.
Once you got it on paper, cut the chart out and set aside. Then, find a piece of cardboard big enough to accommodate your printout (I used left over cardboard from one of Ishita's school project).
Paint the cardboard any colour you like, I myself chose a nice chocolate brown, but really any colour you want is just fine.
One the pain has dried, paste your chart on the cardboard, keeping it as centered as possible.

I used a regular glue stick for the job, from experience I know white liquid glue tend to mess with the ink on the printout paper, you want a glue that is the less wet possible for that kind of job.

Once you glued the printout you can decorate the cardboard with embellishment and frills. Of course, me, I HAD to use 3D liner paint to do the job, but that is only because I am a glitter glue and 3D liner addict (those of you who come here regularly know all about it). You can use stamps, stickers, regular paint if the stuff of my addiction isn't your thing at all.
Now, all that is left to do is display that master piece where people will see it and be tempted to make themselves a cup (or two). You could totally set up a Hot chocolate station in your kitchen or living room if you have the space for it with all the essentials to spice up your drink at hand.

This also could be the perfect excuse to invite all your friends over for a Hot Chocolate Party (don't you like the sound of that? I sure do).

Meanwhile, you'll probably find me trying to find ways to conjure that tropical heat and humidity to leave us so we can start celebrating Winter over here (we are getting there).

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  1. Hm, I really like this one. Great Job!

    1. Thank you Antonina, great blog you have too!

  2. It was a lovely 24C/74F today with only 60% humidity.
    Loving that 3d glitter liner mehendi style border you've drawn!
    I'm all about metallic gold accents these days- from my sandals, to the throw pillows on the sofa & beds, my eyeshadow, to my tableware.

    1. Ohhh give me some of these temperature, we are still stuck in the 33-35 degrees, the humidity went down last week but it went up again as we had some freak rain showers :-(

      So it looks like my 3D gold liner addiction is in fashion now...hmmm

  3. This is so pretty Cynthia :) Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Thank you dear :-) I am still waiting for cooler temps to arrive so I can start really enjoying hot chocolate now :-)

  4. Yummmm!!
    This blog is so well timed, I just bought some Cadbury hot chocolate powder because I am feeling winter in Nagpur already, even got my slippers on!!!! xx

    1. Wow, we are far from needing socks or slippers here. But the good new is that It seems to have gone a tad big cooler in the past day or two.

  5. Awesome Cyn! I am a hot chocolate addict so I love this!


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