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5:59 PM

I am about to put the Advent calendar up tonight. And this year, I am re-using the one I made last year.
I had plans to do just that all along. When I removed it from the wall last year, I packed it carefully in a plastic box and stored it with all the other Christmas decoration. Back then I had no idea that I would just be plain old exhausted come November, and I am now even more grateful I thought about re-using it.

I had very little time to plan anything regarding the calendar this year, mostly because Ishita was on vacation most of the month, and that left me with little energy to work on it in the evenings after her bed time.

This year, all I had to do was thing of what to put inside the advent calendar. Normally in Europe, you can get away with buying a ready made calendar filled with chocolates and candies, of even trinkets for some of the most elaborate ones. But, I grew up with the home made ones, my mom would do it every year when my sister and I were little. It was filled with a mix of trinkets and sweet treats. A thing I have happily replicated all these years for Ishita.

This is the good thing with Advent calendars, they really can be as simple or as complicated as you want. They can follow a theme, they can be all about edible things, or building a collection...there are no limits (other than monetary).

This year I am stuffing each cups with some cute stickers and craft supplies Ishita can use. Hopefully this will put an end to her raiding my drawers and using my supplies (which aren't all washable and kids friendly).

Three years ago I did a Hair accessories theme, each goodie bag was containing hair clips or a pretty bow.

In all these years of roaming the internet for inspiration I found an amazing load of cute ideas to fill your Advent Calendar here are some of the ones that stuck with me:

- Unwrapping one ornament a day and placing it on a special Christmas tree

- Opening one wine bottle a day. Who said advent calendars are to be just for kids?

- 24 pieces of paper with 24 Christmas quotes. They can be religious, or not. It could even be just inspirational quotes.

- 24 activities of the day, so that you get to do something Christmas-y ever day of the month, one bit at a time.

- A list of 24 holiday (or not) movies to watch in December. You can either rent them, download them, by the DVD or catch it on TV. Or why not watch all these old movies you love so much? All you need to do is write the titles on 24 strips of paper and put it in your advent calendar (along with a bag of pop corn kernels)

What are some of the ideas you came across when it came to making an advent calendar?

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