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9:50 PM

I haven't been as active as I should have on the blog in the past few weeks. Those of you reading me from India know it has to do with the Diwali school vacation and the festive season. Ishita's school give a notoriously long 3 weeks Diwali break year after year. This would have been ok if it hasn't been preceded by a 5 day vacation for Ganesh Chaturthi, a couple of other festivals falling on week days and that horrid one week of school shut down for alleged "urgent electrical repair"

With my daughter home the whole time, there is only that much I can do on the blog and creativity front. Last week has been a very busy week socially and I am now really longing for that back to school time (coming later this week).

That said, I still have been busy enough on the blog front, backstage. Here are some of the things I did and the things you can look forward in the coming weeks :

- I made a few minor design updates. Nothing major, but you might have noticed that the side bar have different title dividers. The social media icons have been shrunk a little and moved to the top of the sidebar (cue in the please please please follow me there). I also widened the content area of the blog and done away with the grey background for a cleaner, more minimalistic look. I also switched back to Linkwithin because the Engageya widget refused to look great after I applied a CSS code to tackle another cosmetic problem...geeky little details that might seem insignificant but really aren't (not to me).

- I have been working a whole lot on Photoshop, Canva and Picmonkey to get some new graphics and thumbnails ready for the Christmas Holiday season. I'll unveil all this pretty soon, possibly by this weekend.

- Speaking of Christmas, I have been working on new crafts projects, collected a lot of ideas and am ready to try a whole bunch of new recipes. So stay tuned, December is going to be busy.

- Speaking of December, my fellow blogger at "The Almost Indian Wife" has planned a December Instagram Challenge I am going to take part in.  This is going to keep me busy on the picture taking and editing front. And if you haven't already, go follow me on Instagram!

- Last but certainly not least, I am almost finished with the Home Cyn Home 2016 Printable Calendar, this year I hand painted the graphics and scanned them, and I have 2-3 left to paint before getting it all together. I started a few months back, but life happened and before you know it we are at the end of November and I find myself on a tight deadline again.

All in all, I have still been productive enough on the blog front, just not where all of you guys can necessarily see it.


  1. Well, if anybody's interested I have my cooking blog up FINALLY-
    It still needs some tweaking but by golly It's UP!

    1. Yay! It's looking great! I added it to my bloglovin feed already

  2. You have a beautiful blog Cynthia. I really enjoyed reading some of your previous articles too. Keep sharing & all the best :)

    1. Aww thank you Khadija! I am myself glad I found your blog as well.


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