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I am a tea addict. I love tea, I adore tea, a cup of tea fixes everything. Green, black, white or herbal, I love most of them and over the years I had countless flavours and types in my cupboard.

With my crazy lot, you can't go wrong gifting us something tea related, be it a collection of flavoured tea in a pretty basket or in beautiful boxes or a cute tea mug. It's easy to please us tea lovers.

Should you want to go the extra mile and steer clear of the usual, I have put together a list of really cute teapots that would make any member of my tea loving tribe happy.
When I browsed Amazon to compile my list, my biggest problem was narrowing it to a few options as there were so many to choose from.

After a lot of deliberating those select few have made the cut (this post contains affiliate links by the way):

1. For all Cat lovers (who love tea) this beautiful round teapot should fit the bill. It ranks high on my cute-o-meter.

2. If you have a special tea loving friend, tell them how much they mean to you by gifting them this adorable 2 in 1 teapot and cup set.

3. There is something about this Red and Black teapot that really got me. I don't know if it is the fact it looks both retro and modern at the same time, or the bold choice of colours. Maybe it is because you can't really go wrong with a tea pot that says "it's all good". Tea makes everything better remember?

4. Among the wide array of teapots with integrated filter, this Purple ceramic teapot really stood out. Probably because it is purple (I love purple) and maybe because it has a kettlle meet teapot kind of feel that I really find quirky (and I love quirky).

5. For a zen like tea experience, nothing beats a more traditional Japanese style teapot. If you must know, the first teapot I ever got for myself was a black cast iron one. I now have a ceramic one. But this super cute Dragonfly cast iron teapot just about make my day.

6. I had to pick one super quirky tea pot to round up my list. And this was really NOT an easy task. How can anybody pick just one????? In the end, I decided to go for this ridiculously awesome Suitcase teapot.

As you can see, us tea lovers are quite easy to find gifts for, and no you will never hear us complain that we have too many tea cups or teapots...there is no such thing as "too many" or even "too much" when the word tea is involved.

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