My favourite blog posts of 2015

4:15 PM

This is it! We are in the last stretch toward 2016! Just one more day and we will find ourselves getting used to write dates with a different digit (that part always gets to me the first week or so).


Can you believe it? Another year has passed, just like that.

On the blog it has been a fun year for me, filled with recipes, craft projects, tips and trick, and some thoughts and reflexions. Offline I coped with Dengue, my daughter officially became a big girl going to a big school being a first grader and I managed to survive another Mumbai Summer.
This year, I decided it would be fun to pick up one blog post I particularly like working on each month. The task was a bit hard, because there are a lot of blog posts I really really enjoyed writing this year.

So, without any further ado, here are my personal favourites, months by months :

You can't ever go wrong with chocolate chips cookie...EVER! And these chunky chocolate chips cookies will have you never want to make them with store bought pre-made chips ever again. You've been warned...

I had my blog picture taken and used without my permission and without any proper credit a bit too many a time in the past few years. I get it people! Blogging means you need to have pictures to make an impact nowadays. Gone are the days of just having big chunks of texts and no visual graphics. That doesn't mean you should just take whatever you find off google. Be prepared to take your own pictures, or use stock photos, there are plenty of places you can get free pictures for your blog.

Last year I had to mourn the loss of my favourite pair of PJ pants. I gave them a new life by turning them into a cute bolster pillow.

A little washi tape, some paint, and some 3D liner paint was all I needed to turn a cube shaped vase into a pretty container to store my data cables in the study. This black and gold vase is still doing its job nicely as I type this.

In May, I probably wrote my deepest blog post ever. When you are a foreigner married to an Indian, there are some people that think you must do everything Indian, or become as Indian as you possibly can to make up for the fact you come from another culture. I have been in India 12 years, and there are very few things that irritate me more than this. Don't Indianize me!

That month I let you on the secret of my people: we call a fruit tart dinner. I also gave you the trick to a foolproof Swiss style tart.  And, it was peaches season then, they are an amazing fruit to use for that kind of recipe, wether you it dinner or dessert.

In July I found myself dealing with Dengue, which left me with little energy  to do anything ambitious. But if there is one blog post I really loved this month, it was my review of Vikas Khanna's children cookbook. I LOVE that cookbook, it's one of the most well written one I have seen in years, and the pictures in it are really really attractive.

Ishita started full time school then, and with it the need to have something to keep her fork and spoon safe and clean for meal time arose. This easy DIY fork and spoon keeper was my solution to the problem. She still uses them months later.

This one might as well be THE post of the year. It was not only my favourite to work on, it has been loved by many of my readers and guests alike. In this post I gave you the step by steps to paint your own groovy geometric wall border.

This month had been one of too many ideas and too little time. And looking back on it, it also has been the months I had the thoughest time picking one favourite. Still, if I'd have to pick one, it would be my kitchen fantasy wish list.  I had a lot of fun browsing Amazon and day dreaming about Tardis shaped cookie jars and R2 D2 egg cups. Besides, I am still DROOLING at the sight of that pink Kitchen day...

I can easily call sourdough bread and chicken liver paste dinner (and I did on Christmas eve, and Christmas). Making your own chicken liver spread is really, really easy by the way.

This month is still ongoing (not for much longer) and this very post I am currently typing will be the last of the year. The blog post that is my favourite this December, and has been a favourite with many of you readers, is my Zimtsterne cookie recipe. This post is still as of now the top most popular post on the blog in the past 7 days.

There you go, my 12 favourite posts of 2015. I'll see you all next year with more home decor posts, more food, more craft projects and more colours. I hope your New Year's Eve celebration will be great and fun filled. 2016 here we come!

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  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    My personal favourites are post on Kitchen appliances and Milano cookies. For some inexplicable reason, they have left a lasting impression on me LOL.

    Jokes apart that wall painting that you did was really out of this world.


    1. Happy New Year!
      That wall painting is a project that all my guests rave about when they come to my place, and it is in the laundry room of all places :-)
      Right now it's probably the only wall that looks awesome, after 3 years of living in this flat the white wash (or rather yellow wash, as yellow paint was used) is really starting to look SUPER GROSS. I am half tempted to raid a paint shop and get a good quality paint to repaint those walls. There are too many hand prints that won't go away on these walls


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