Pom pom snowmen DIY (with pom pom maker tool)

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These adorable snowmen can be made very quickly using a pompom maker.
One of the many craft projects idea I had for the season involved pom pom making...a lot of pom pom making.
If you are in crafting circles, chances are you saw this stinking cute snowmen wreath picture doing the round:
Pom pom snowmen wreath
I had to hunt a little to find the original source, and it turn out this beauty had been on sale on Etsy a couple of years back on Daulhouse's shop, you can  
view it here.

A couple of weeks back, I ordered some white yarn on Amazon, dead set on making my own. I got a bit deflated I must admit, I forgot how time consuming pom pom making can be if you use old fashioned tools. After one pom pom, a few finger cramps (from fighting with the scissors) and a lot of time spent all together, I traded my yarn for my keyboard.

I KNEW there was a thing called a pom pom maker, I have known it for quite sometime to be frank. What I wasn't sure of, was wether it was available in India (at an affordable price) or not. Fortunately for me, and I bet for a lot of you dear readers, Amazon do sell a pom pom making kit, which you can buy here (affiliate link, I get a commission if you do buy it). At 350 rupees I knew it was fair, and I got around to order it last week, and it got delivered just yesterday.

This is what the pom pom maker kit looks like :
It comes with rings in 4 different sizes. You will need the two rings per size to make one pom pom. The kit comes with a set of easy to follow instructions on the package and there are countless youtube videos and tutorials online should you need more help.

You start by opening your rings and line them in such a way that the little bumps fall over the holes of the other ring. Then, you start warping your yarn over one half of the ring, just like so:
Keep on wrapping your yarn until the the gap in the center is filled, just like in the picture above. Once you have filled one half, cut the yarn and repeat on the other side and fill it just the same. Once you are done, close the ring and secure with the little white latch.

It should look like this:
 On this picture you will notice that there is a little groove between the two rings. This is where you will insert the scissors. With the groove as a guide, snip all the yarn strands on each side.

Then, cut a small length of yarn from your spool and place it in the groove just like the picture below:
This length of yarn will help you secure all your cut strands and give the pom pom its shape. To do so, twist the yard around in the groove and tie after each round. I do put 3-4 knots and turns to really secure it nicely.
Once that is done, you can open the rings and remove them. You pom pom will look like the pom pom on the left in this picture :
As you can see, the pom pom on the left is a bit "oval". This is normal, and it will be corrected by giving said pom pom a nice hair cut. Once you're done playing barbershop on it, it should look like the one on the right.

Now is as good a time as any to warn you that if you have a cat, said kitty will be HEAVILY involved in the whole pom pom making process. I haven't met a cat that doesn't get nut over wool yarn...ever. Consider yourself warned...
Make as many pom poms as you will need for your project. Here, I decided to just make two cute stand alone snowmen (for now). Take two pom poms and string them together using either the long yarn strand left from the binding step, or a fresh length of yarn.
You will need a tapestry needle (a needle with a blunt tip and a wide hole). Push your needle through the middle of the first pom pom and then through the second and tie your strand to secure them together.

All you are left to do now is decorate your snowmen anyway you like. I used little paper cutouts (which I made using the binder hole puncher) and glued them on the snowmen to make the eyes and buttons. I also cut a bit of orange paper to make a nose and used decorative pipe cleaners to make the scarves. You can make the eyes and buttons using beads, googly eyes, and real buttons, and use a thicker wool strand to make the scarf (or a bit of felt or ribbon).

As for me, I am not yet sure I will do this wreath this year or the next. For now my mind is full of pom pom ideas of all kind. The purchase of these silly little rings have opened a world of craft opportunities to me, and I might got nut with them in the near future. I kid you not, yesterday DH and I got into a "pom pom fight" and I figured out that if I make enough of these bad boys we could have a pretend "snowball fight"this winter.

When you live in a tropical climate, you got to do what you got to do...

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  1. That pom pom maker is really neat. Those snowpersons would be cute just sitting on the branch (or hanging) of a Xmas tree just as they are. Pom poms don't last long at our house because we have 3 cats. I've given up putting up an Xmas tree as the cats tear it down every night.

    1. My cat killed a Christmas tree and then attempted to climb its replacement but I was prepared to spray her with water each time she tried. This year, she climbed it while we were sleeping and it seems it scared her enough not to try again. She has tried to snatch a few ornaments and got sprayed with water, so now she is leaving the tree alone.
      She did try to go after those snowmen, but gave up on them as well.


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