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8:00 AM

With the holiday season ending and leaving us decor-less I found myself on a crafty/decorating spree. Plus, I had a 6 years old who've just had about enough of school holiday. We after all clocked a grand total 5 weeks of holiday between November 4 and January 4 (not for the faint hearted, and gotta love the ridiculousness of the school).

A few days before we rang the new year in, I took Ishita to the art supply shop and asked her to pick anything to make a project for her room. As usual, she went for the huge selection of stickers they have and had no interests in anything else.
Fortunately, my artsy brain had all its cogs and wheels running and we ended up with this :
For the lack of better terms, we'll call it a "Paper patchwork". Which, it pretty much is anyway. You see, it pays off to be an arts and craft picture junkie as I tend to collect odds and ends and paper that spark my attention.
A few months ago,  I big pad of square craft paper caught my eyes and I bought it. To be fair I already had an idea of turning them into a big "quilt-like" artwork, but lacked time, and inspiration. I bought it just the same and it sat in my craft supplies drawers waiting to be put to good use.
Ishita helped me select the colours we would use and I got to work taping each squares together to form a big quilt.
I then taped the big patchwork of paper to the wall in her bedroom and we got going on decorating each squares with stickers, buttons and paper cutouts. Ishita did some of the squares with her beloved stickers, I used some of the odds and ends I found in my drawers to do some others.
For example, I had these butterfly cutouts for years, I used them on many other projects in the past, but I still had some leftover. The "Tutti Frutty" Cupcake was an old dress label (yes I keep cute outfits' junkie I told you!)
Speaking of labels, we used quite a few of them on that project, all from Ishita's clothes that we bought over the year: an octopus, two Hello Kitty bows, a Frozen one, the cupcake, a round one with a bunny and this little girl with pink hair that is by far my favourite.

This ended up being a super fun project that both Ishita and I enjoyed making and which covers a lot of that old "whitewash" paint job in her room. Paint job that was so botched and ugly that in many spots the paint has cracked and fallen off (got to love rental properties in India).

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  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Lovely. This sure is a very nice idea to brighten one's room. I plan to put some of my favorite quotes too when I do this. Nice touches with the glitter glue.

    1. Good idea about the quotes. The best thing about this project is that you can adapt it to decorate any room and for anybody.

  2. What a lovely idea! I like that each square can be so different and yet it all looks so good together! A must try for my craft-sy three year old!!

    1. It is a fun project indeed. And you can adapt it to any room decor or colour theme. I went with pink and purple because my daughter chose these colours in my pack of square paper. And we went with stickers and paper cutouts because that is what she likes the most.


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