January Decor: White tassels garlands

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When I took down my Christmas decorations on January 1st the void left in my living room was so unbearable that I had to come up with some very quick decor ideas to liven up the space. The first idea was to spray paint old glass jars and turn them into pretty cookie jars to display on my chest of drawer.

The second project was to use some of the yarn I had left over from my pom pom snowmen project (and I have a lot of leftover yarn).
I also happened to have picked up two bags of black and white tiny pompoms from the stationary and art supplies shop in my neighbourhood (just because it was finally available after months of me wanting some).

Those two items combined gave birth (with the help of Pinterest) to this pretty little tassel garland which I hung in the frame of my balcony door.
I also ended up making a tassel ornament for my curtain, you know, just because it is cute and fun:
These curtains are about 2 feet too short for that extra tall balcony door (and they already were longer than normal curtains to begin with). For this reason, said curtains serve a purely ornamental purpose. We never draw them shut to darken the room (the room is North facing already anyway).

To hold them in place I used a couple of old green bangles and this what has been holding them for as long as they have been assigned this curtain rod. To prettify this setup all I needed was to tie two tassels.

This brings me to tassel making. This is one of these fun DIY project that will take no time to pull.
All you need is some yarn (I used some similar to this one), a scrap of cardboard of the desired tassel length and some scissors.
You start by wrapping your yarn around your strip of cardboard just like in the picture above. The more yarn you wrap, the more voluptuous your tassel will be.
Once you have wrapped enough yarn (this is entirely up to you, tassels can be as skinny or as plump as you wish), take a small length of yarn and slide it under all the other yarn loops and bring to the top of the cardboard.

In the picture above, you can see that I tied the length of yarn on top this will gather all your strands together and serve as a string to tie your finished tassel to something.
Once that string has been tied, cut the strands of yarn at the bottom of the cardboard.
Once you you are done cutting, take another length of yarn, and tie it tight toward the top portion of your tassel, as in the picture above.
And voila! One tassel done! Repeat as many times as you need tassels for your garland.
In the picture above, I was stringing my tiny pompoms to a tassel that would go on my curtain decor. But the process for the garland is fairly similar.
For the garland, you will need a long piece of yarn, small pompoms and a tapestry needle (the needle with the blunt tip and a huge hole on your standard needle pack). Simply string the pompoms poking them with the needle and tie a tassel on the length of yarn wherever you need one:
For my garland, I went for one black, one white, one black, then a tassel, and then repeated the pattern until the end of the string.

And that is about it!
You can use tassels on a lot of decorative objects, and use different colour combination. But my January decor is white and gold. 

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  1. This is super cute! I was obsessed with making garlands ALL last fall! You can see them throughout my blog (Tealandtweed.com) if you're interested.

    I love the black and white too. A project I kind of want to do is sew some black pom poms onto white curtains but maybe I'll start with this garland. ;)


  2. Hi Lauren, thanks for sharing your blog URL with me, it totally looks like my kind of blog to read :-)

    We don't get much in the way of seasons here in Mumbai, the outdoor stays green and relatively unchanged year round, the only two distinctive seasons we get are Winter from December until February because it gets cool and way less humid, and then the monsoon from July to September because it rains non stop. The rest of the year is very hot and very humid.

    I have been toying with sewing pom poms on curtains, and on a lampshade.

  3. Cynthia, Tassel ornament is simple, easy to make, but looks very lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome :-)
      Yes tassels are very easy to make and they really can be adapted to all kind of decor very easily. I made a bunch of green tassels to revamp two cushion covers recently. I will probably share these soon on the blog.

  4. It looks great with just one strand of pom poms & tassels.
    I bet you could almost make like a valance with 3 or more strands if you really wanted to get fancy.
    We have a tom cat who thinks he is a monkey & climbs & swings on our curtains (and they look like it).

    1. I had a curtain climbing cat growing up, this was insane! Mittens hasn't tried yet, or even cared to play with the curtains to begin with, she is all about bags and boxes though

  5. I know that feeling! The house seems so alife with Christmas decor, and now it's not there I miss something too. I love it!! This could be a project to try with my girls, I'm sure we would have fun.
    This is my feature next Tuesday at #2usestuesday link party, don't forget to stop by and grab your button!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    1. I am sure they will love it, tassels are very easy to make and take less time than pom-poms. My daughter is the very inpatient kind and just won't do pom-poms because it is far more time than her patience level allows, but tassels, is totally within her grasp.

    2. This is really cute. I always loved pompoms and tassles.

    3. Pom-poms and tassels always seem to bring back childhood memories. I keep remembering my school teacher having a big box of leftover yarn in the classroom for us to use during creative hour and how we would sometimes all make pom-poms together.


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