Make goals, not resolutions

8:00 AM

Ok, confession time has come. We are well into January already and the question is : How many of you guys kept with your resolutions?

I am willing to bet that for a lot of you, they are either long forgotten already or in the process of being put in that mental box labelled "resolutions" which you will store in the back of your mind until December 31st.

As you might know already, the only resolution I ever take is to keep on being awesome. That's no joke, I do, every year. This is the type of resolution I can totally keep. Because I don't really believe in things like "loosing weight", being more organised, or vowing to workout more, at least not as a resolution.

You see, the thing with these New year resolutions is that they are really made on the spot without any idea of how you will go about them. You can resolve to loose weight all you want, if you don't make a plan out of it, it won't happen. And it doesn't help to make that kind of statement after a month long of festivities either.
Don't get me wrong, loosing weight, going to the gym, being more organised, spending more time with family are all wonderful things. But they won't happen until you make them your GOALS.

That's right, goals, NOT resolutions. Do not resolve in vain to achieve something without an aim. That is stupid and will get you nowhere. Aiming at a reasonable short term goal is a smarter, better idea on so many levels.
The first one being that if you make it a concrete goal to, lets say loose 2kg in January, you will not feel discouraged. 2kg in a month is an attainable thing you can work with. "Loosing weight"in 2016, not so much.
Loosing how much? How? By when? Why? This is why resolutions don't work, they are way too vague for any sane person to keep with them, especially when they involve massive changes in your lifestyle.
It's the same with "Going to the Gym regularly". Define regularly to begin with. If you make it a goal to go every Monday and Wednesday instead, you are probably going to have a far better chance at keeping that one up.

Today is January 21st, we are 10 days away from kissing the first month of 2016 history (time flys I know). So if you have given up on your resolutions already, it's not to late.
You can keep them, but rewrite them as a goal. Take a moment to sit down, and make your goals for February. What is it that you resolved to do this year? How can you break it into small short term goals you can easily achieve?

Has, eating healthier in 2016 been your resolution? Yet you can't seem to switch from a carb loaded diet to a more sensible one? That's because you need to look at it as a progress. Try to make it your goal to make at least one day a week a healthier one. Pick a day a week that will be all about fresh fruits and vegetables and no carb and stick to that in February. Then by the end of next month, review your performance and plan on doing two days a week in March. When you break it down, it suddenly becomes less daunting.
Proceed the same with every single vague yet life altering resolutions you might have made last December.

If you can't trust yourself to remember your goals, write them down, and then write down how well you did, and don't forget to reward yourself as you progress with it as well.

And of course, remember to remind yourself that you are awesome...daily. This is what I do. 

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  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I could never understand the whole new year business. What special happens between 31st December and 1st January?? one foggy day is followed by another. What would happen in the new year that did not happen in the previous year?? probably nothing. The traditional new year based on season changes at least makes sense because it heralds change in season, food habits, crops etc. It has some reason to celebrate.

    In our childhood, we spent our new year eve watching TV, the state owned TV dished out the same programmes year after year, at 12o'clock we wished each other new year and slept. We were vaguely aware that people went to parties to celebrate new year, we wondered why. The next day it was school time again.

    These days the sheen of new year goes off after the initial few "happy new years", in the first week itself.

    Coming to new year resolutions, the first resolution of a new year is to get hold of a calender and diary and then mark down all the government holidays/festivals. The diary is for jotting down household expenses. You may need several diaries and calenders to distribute among your inner circle. New year means calenders and diaries.

    As you said the greatest resolution is to be a better human being and become more confident. The other things would follow. Don't think about reaching somewhere but about doing something to make life better for you and people around you. It is the process that matters and not the goal.


    1. I think that for many the act of starting with a new calendar or a new planner is so special they feel they need to start anew themselves.
      Growing up my new years eve parties were spend in the mountains. We would pack up on December 26th and head to the hill. We had a relative who had a small house there and later as that relative went away we would rent a room in a community chalet where 10-15 families would live together for a week and cook together and do things as one big family. December 31st meant eating a big meal together, throwing silly strings at each other and staying up late. There was no TV involved, for that one week of holiday we would pack up a lot of board games to fill the evenings.

      My big problem with resolutions is that people feel they have to make life changing ones on the spot. As I said, loosing weight, become more organised, more this or more that. Mostly because it has become ridiculously in fashion to declare ourselves flawed to begin with. Apparently it is a sin to think well about our own selves.

      I think there will be enough people calling me fat, stupid, vain, scatter brained, disorganized, and flaky without me feeling the need to add up to that lot. Beside if I agree with them it means I have given control of my life to others. I don't want it :-)
      And while deciding to eat healthier or what not are great ideas, they should not be vague statement uttered at the stroke of midnight under the social pressure to do so, but be concrete goals with a process to reach them in place.

  2. I'm already working towards my GOAL by starting a cooking blog which will hopefully reduce the foot high stack of papers with recipes scribbled on them upon my desk to coherent recipes. I hope to publish a little cookbook at the end of the year featuring all the recipes.
    Promoted my blog on Google+ this morning after fixing lunch tiffin. That was exhausting!
    May the awesomeness continue!

    1. The blog promoting part is probably the most time consuming part. I actually started marking it down in my day planner just so I don't have much of an excuse skipping it.


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