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When we moved out of our old flat 3 years ago, we knew that the new place HAD to have a spare room, for many reasons. The first one being that DH used to pull long hours of work, often at home and needed a space to do so undisturbed.
The second strong point in favour of a spare room was that we have out of State and even out of the country family and friends. We needed that room to accommodate guests properly and give everybody a minimum of comfort and privacy.

I remember that when we moved in, our spare room was a big hot mess...emphasis on the word MESS.
I managed to find the first ever picture I took of that room:
Cringeworthy huh? If the urge to click the "X" and leave this blog page crossed your mind, please wait. I promise you it gets better.
The first thing we ever did in this room was getting an electrician to install a plug point where we needed it for the fridge.
Fridge which doesn't fit in the kitchen, sue me, I lived in more homes that had fridge space issue than you'd think ever possible. And that was even before we got a bigger fridge...that bad!

Anyhow, the fridge stayed in the spare room, but in a more convenient and less "space eating" spot:
While not the perfectly ideal scenario (seriously having it in the kitchen really wouldn't hurt), I can live with it. This room is just a few steps away from said kitchen anyway. Living with that waterfall painting I did a few years ago is a different story, but there are plans to change it.

The second thing we changed quickly was putting a proper desk in this room. And for the longest time it was the only big update. Apart from finding a crafty way to hide the boxes of old college and IT books that is:
I know I know, another Pinterest worthy picture! It's the last of the frumpy ones I promise. I am getting somewhere nice with this blog post. It's just that the only way I can tell you how much this change means is to take you down through time and through horrendous pictures.

So, as I said, we spent a lot of time with no other improvement to that room. Mostly because we couldn't quite decide on what we wanted for it. And when we figured that out, we didn't really see an urgency to it. It was a "Maybe if we have money to spare we will do it" kind of deal.

That was until the money to spare bit got solved by a surprise win in a contest from Urban Ladder.
You see, I managed to win a 20k voucher in a photo contest with my "Lhasa chest of drawer" earlier this month.
20 thousands rupees to buy things I loved from Urban Ladder!!!!! I am not ashamed to say that I did the happy dance when I found out (ok I jumped up and down like a maniac in the Study, don't judge).

This meant my study plans, or at least some of them could become reality. The first one was to have a proper bookshelf to tackle the never ending problem of book storage in our home:
Enters the "Boeberg" bookcase! This one has been on my wish list for a while let me tell you. This is a better looking, better quality, sturdier version of Ikea's Expedit, which is been a hot seller ever since they launched it. There is something about basic square cubicle units that sells, and for good reason, this design is versatile and you can add up to it as you go (Urban Ladder sells quite a few variant and configuration of that shelf unit).
This shelf solved all our Study storage woes, in style and it has really opened up the space.
The other item I absolutely knew without the shadow of a doubt that I would buy should I ever win one of their contest was their tripod lamp:
This lamp is one I have been practically drooling over since they launched it. Since we moved in this flat, I knew this was the lamp for the study/spare room. When either DH or I work late in the evening night, this room can either get depressing with the tube light (we rarely use it because the light is horrible) or downright gloomy with just the tiny table lamp (which is a tube light too anyway). For a while we've been talking about having a floor lamp in that room to have a more cosy light source. Thanks to Urban Ladder, this is one of those problems solved.

Ideally we will want to see these two piled up mattresses go and be replaced by a sofa cum bed, and yes we have a few we like on Urban Ladder (we really got hooked to this site). That will be an update for another time, as for now, the spare room is quite liveable as it is. On the decor plan, I want to finish that gallery wall one day. I have tons of ideas for it, but nothing concrete as of now...stay tuned.

With my winnings, there is one more piece of furniture I bought, but for another room, and the topic of a different blog post. 

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  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I have hated those white tubes for years. They are so harsh. They seemed the easy way because installing lamps in every room and buying those lights that were available only in specialized stores cost a fortune. But it all changed when havells launched a range of soft tubelights. They look so sleek and nice and so low maintenance. Yay! We now have those in every room.
    Doesn't that tripod lamp occupy a fair bit of space considering how Mumbai flats are so tiny. I couldn't trust my help to sweep the room if I had something like that.

    1. Interestingly this lamp doesn't occupy that much space, and that corner of the room was anyway a dead space where nothing else would really logically fit. It's also quite stable, but then tripods in general are. With a cat and a dog I would have been more worried with them damaging the lamp than the maid. But there is no way this lamp can topple over and crash.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Wow that book shelf looks so nice. But I'm not really keen on open shelves because I don't fancy myself dusting more stuff aside from the sofas, center table, dining table, dressing table and bathrooms to clean. I have my eye on this bookshelf that has both open and closed cubes in it, but costs ₹ 18000/. I'm planning to get it custom made in the similar design because I can get it done at half the price. I also like the bookshelf in ishitas room. The one you hanged it :-)

    1. From experience, I say dust will get in, be it close or open storage. I had to dust all the DVDs and my craft supplies last month, and they were stored inside the Lhasa chest of drawer. So in the end, you'll still have to deal with the never ending dust issue just the same. On an open shelf, you just end up noticing it faster and feel the need to do it a bit more often :-)

      The shelf in Ishita's room is one I designed myself, it was originally a DVD shelf for our living room in Bangalore. Entirely made of rubber wood, it still cost me 4K in 2007 if that says anything. But it is good quality.

      The big thing about getting things made is that you need a carpenter you can trust, and go for the right materials, that doesn't always come cheaper than store bought.

  3. Wow!
    Urban Ladder has so many great multi tasking furniture designs! It looks like the material they use is top quality too.
    I had a 9 ft tall by 12 ft wide & 2 ft deep wall of bookshelves built for our home in Nepal (actually it is 3 separate 4 ft wide by 9 ft tall components.) I drew the plans & the Bihari carpenter built them exactly as I drew them. It did take them like a month to build them though & the wood they used was some cheapie laminate stuff.

    1. I drew the plans for a few furniture in my home, but insisted on rubber wood instead of laminate. Not that laminate is bad, but many carpenters use the cheap stuff and don't spend much time on the finishing touches which makes the end product break faster.

      The Boeberg bookcase is laminate, but you can see in the finish that it is the good quality type, not the rushed and lazy work a lot of carpenters will deliver.
      With Urban ladder I know I can trust the quality, and the customer service, plus all their stuff has a 1 year warranty if I remember correctly

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    The room was kind of messy but not cringe worthy. There are a few dumb bells in the corner probably of your husband. There is a small wall alter. Is this your pooja room?? The book shelf is cool and the tripod lamp seems straight from Star Wars, you know the robot which followed the hero. It seems a little small for a guest room though.

    Overall, fantastic décor.


    1. Hehe the dumbells are actually both my husbands and mine, they migrated to another storage area since that picture was taken :-) I don't have more pictures of this room, but it was looking really gloomy for a while.

      And yes this is the pooja room, there is no other space left for it elsewhere in the flat.

      The room works as a guest room if we just put the two mattresses on the ground side by side, when much older than us relative and family come for a night or two, we are the one using them though, we lend our bed to them instead, as it might be a bit more of a pain for let's say my in-laws to sleep at floor level, even if the guest mattresses are at this point nicer and more springy than our own mattress on the bed :-) We've been thinking of putting a sofa cum bed in this room for a while now but haven't completely made up our mind. This is the space my husband and I use to work and manage household stuff or listen to some music.

      That lamp reminds me of those old fashioned beams you can find on some old ships :-)

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      in order to overcome space constrains you may consider buying two folding beds. They could be used anywhere where there is extra space like your drawing room for example. All you need are two good mattresses. They can put aside a when not in use. always works when u have more people and less space.

      provided that your drawing room has ac and fan and is fit for sleeping.


    3. The sofa cum bed serves the same purpose while adding style to the room :-) we plan to keep the two mattresses we have once we get that sofa cum bed thing sorted out. We can wrap them in plastic and slide them under our bed so that we have super extra space should we have more than one or two guests. The drawing room is way too small for extra mattresses though, but we can put them in Ishita's room if the spare room is already in use by other guests

  5. It's great you won the contest, and that's a great bookshelf... If you buy a sofa cum bed, I have a feeling the dog may be disappointed...

    1. I have the same feeling, the day it happens we might have to get her a doggy bed :-)


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