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Most of India may not get snow and ice, but it doesn't mean we are spared the chill. In some regions such as Mumbai, it might be a mild Winter that we look forward to, but the further North you get and the colder it becomes.
Call us all crazy, but North, West, East or South we all enjoy many aspects of Winter which always come as a respite from the blistering heat and steaming humidity most of us get the remaining of the year.

In Mumbai, January is the coldest month and we all love it. It's the month to indulge in those little pleasure such as wrapping ourselves in a shawl in front of TV at night, of rejoicing at the idea of wearing socks and long sleeves, or drinking soup, of...oh well you get the idea.

So to start this month, I compiled a list of items you must have around your home this season, just to celebrate the season's little pleasure in style. All links are affiliate links, which means that if you click and buy anything, I'll get paid.

This little disclaimer being done with here is my selection of the month :

1. Store your warm beverage essential ingredient in style (and display them proudly for all to see) with this Retro coffee tin and the matching sugar tin. Their only sin, is that they left the tea lovers out, but I'm just about ready to forgive them this faux pas because they made these tins in my favourite color (plus if you decide to look around they have a white one for tea)

2. Winter is that awesome time of the year I love to wrap myself in a shawl (Pashmina or not), and I must admit that if we were living in a colder region, I might splurge and buy a few more, including this pretty  turquoise shawl.

3. This season might pretty much be the ONLY season you can burn candles in indoors in India. Simply because the ceiling fan is blissfully kept switched off and won't blow the flame. This makes it the perfect excuse to go indulge and buy these Hazelnut Crème candles.

4. Should you live in a region that gets considerably chillier than Mumbai, why not invest in a throw blanket to snuggle in front of the TV? This "Love is in my Home" throw really caught my attention.

5. The only part of Winter none of us like in India is bath time. No matter where one lives, it means wishing for the hot water to never run out, and never having to be exposed to the blast of cold air before we get dressed. While I can't help you guys with the hot water (beside staying in the shower the whole day isn't practical) I can at least point you in the right direction to not have to face the blast of cold air. This lavender bathrobe is a good place to start your quest for comfort after bath time.

With these "Winter Essentials" you should be ready to get into the "Art of Cozying" and enjoy the only truly enjoyable season should you happen to live in Mumbai, of all places.  Folks up North, I know you would prefer warmer days...

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  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    It has been an unusually warm January. Last year I was in Allahabad and it rained for four days. This year warm winter and no fog. At least I like the no fog bit.

    We use the piped gas for hot water and it is cheaper than immersion rod or geyser. Winter is the only time we have low electricity bills.

    The even odd scheme in Delhi kicked off successfully. Today it is the first working day and a real test for the scheme. By and large, people have adhered to the rules. Vehicles with CNG, ambulances, women/women with children below 12 years and two wheelers have been exempted. Women driving with men are not allowed.

    People have acknowledged that there is less congestion on roads and a cleaner air. Let us see hows things work out.


    1. We had a sudden blast of "cold" air just before Christmas, it has since then warmed up again, but it is not unusually warm for the season, we usually see cold mornings in January and this morning was a pleasantly cool one. I have an instant geyser in the bathroom, which means we don't have to wait forever for the water to heat up.

      It's good to hear that people are adhering to the rule in Delhi, but a better solution to the pollution problem has to be found in the long run.

    2. Anonymous12:11 PM

      I found something on the internet and it was quiet opener and I wanted to share it with you. Youtube throws up some interesting things. Its about men's issues and a women is talking about it.



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