Cane lamp, a golden makeover

8:00 AM

I save lamps, this could be what defines me after I proved I could fix a broken ceramic lamp a couple of times.
Or even give that very same accident prone lamp a quirky makeover. Then there have been the case of the cane lamp (the Twin of the one in the picture) that got repurposed into a kids room lamp.

Ah! Those cane lamps! I bought them in 2008 in Bangalore. They started their lives as bedside table lamps in our room. Then one migrated in Ishita's room and the other in our living room, where it has been staying in two different flats. Until 2 weeks ago this is how it looked:
And believe it or not that is the ONLY picture I could find of it. Chances had it that it was taken in the flat we currently stay in.
It was chocolate brown, and still in good condition, but not really the kind of thing I wanted after I put my Urban ladder contest winnings to good use.
The last item I bought with that 20k voucher was the Lhasa console table to match the Lhasa chest of drawer. The lamp would have looked a bit dull on the top of it, so I painted it to turn it into a statement piece.

This has to be one of the easiest and quickest lamp makeover I ever did too. No seriously, all you need to pull that one off is a can of spray paint. I decided to go for gold, but you really can do it in any other shades you like.
Simply spread enough old newspaper to cover your well ventilated work area (I did it on my balcony, but any space with enough ventilation will do) and sprayed the lamp with 3 coats of paint. The whole thing took less than an hour, drying time between coats included.
Our living room can get a bit gloomy with just one table lamp on, and we swore off harsh ceiling lights years and years ago (you won't guess how much of a difference it makes for my insomnia problems). Now with our console we have space for all the remotes, chargers and specs in the drawers, and our router is no longer dangling oddly on a nail on the wall. And that lamp has been given a second wind and continues to light our evenings nicely. 

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  1. I love a metallic accent piece, always goes with everything!
    We don't have any table lamps or ceiling lights, all we have are those stupid wall mounted globes and bare incandescent tubes. Oh yes, and they are about 9 foot up on our 10 foot walls so they are impossible to clean without a ladder.

    1. I have ugly wall and ceiling light fixtures in this flat, I never use them, I much much prefer floor and table lamps at night. In flats that didn't have the right plugs in the right place we did have an electrician add a few where we wanted them.

      I have a long, ok lifelong history of being insomniac, I found that soft yellow lights that glow at or below eye level helps me transition from awake to sleepy better in the evening. The tube lights we endured in the first few years we lived together in India were really bad, my quality of sleep was significantly worse so the instant table lights and fixtures became more of a thing and became really affordable we went for it.

      I got myself one of these telescopic microfiber duster thingy last year to clean the high up corners and light fixtures I never use because using the ladder to do that really got old.

    2. I bought one of those telescopic microfiber dusters but it didn't work.
      The 'gunk' in the air up here is so greasy from people burning wood & using diesel generators in the winters it takes like a serious 'degreasing' agent to get it off. The ceiling fans are covered in the stuff too.

    3. Yeah my ceiling fans get that gunk too, I have less problems on other surfaces. I think it is because the fan's blades get really hot when it is in use and it bakes the dust and grime to a gunk. I had no idea how hot those blades can get until one night I had to free one of Ishita's half deflated helium balloon from a fan that was on. The balloon was half dead and not really flying, but just enough to get sucked in and its string got tangled in the blades. Holy crap these blades were HOT I nearly burned myself trying to get the balloon off the fan.


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