DIY cast iron teapot makeover

11:12 AM

I spent the remaining of last week coming to term with my "near death experience" induced stress by taking it easy, very easy.

I filled the days with binge TV series watching, from the comfort of my study, avoiding the living room and it's dangerous ceiling as much as I could. I spent time with friends, and I slept, I slept a lot.

By Saturday, I decided to kick myself back into gear and do something creative that has been on my to do list for a while. I stopped at the art supply shop, bought some spray paint and got to work as soon as I made it back home:
 I had this cast iron teapot for ages. In fact, it has been with me from even before I moved to India 12 years ago. It was a birthday gift from my mom from my days of living on my own like an adult.
It was a teapot I had admired in a store in Geneva for months. It was alas out of my "fresh out of the nest" grown up budget. But then, anything that wasn't IKEA was pretty much fitting that category. As a huge tea drinker, I knew the only chance at owning it was if someone gifted it to me. So when my mom asked me what I wanted that birthday, my answer was very simple.

It looked like this before I got to work on it this weekend:
In its days of glory it was a nice glossy black, with no rust. I used it A LOT, it has seen many different flavours of tea in its day. It had been my rainy weekend companions, carried me through chilly Winters. Sat pretty on my IKEA untreated pine table in my studio apartment. It even became the object of admiration of my friends who were closet fine tea drinker like me.
When I moved to India and clearly could not carry it in my luggage (I still had some priorities to make), I told my mom to keep it safe for me.

A few years later, I asked her to bring it in her luggage because I missed it. It went back to making cups and cups of tea in our Bangalore flat. It became my sunset watching companion. Until the poor thing started to really show signs of ageing. Rust could no longer be hidden. My maid once even decided to put it on the gas stove without asking me to boil water for tea. Then sometime while we were in Mumbai, the constant humidity and salty air you can only get in coastal area made it that it was no longer good for tea.
It kept on being a nice decorative piece. One that my daughter could not get enough of. It got scribbled with crayon inside out. She even kept it as a secret hideout for her park treasures (leaves, flowers and old rocks).

It got time for it to get a new breath of life as a decor accent. It no longer had to be utilitarian, but pretty. I wanted it to reflect the quirky colour lover that I am. Because that teapot has been my companion from my early adult days. It saw me grow, it witnessed a lot in the past 14 years.
I used two colours of spray paint: river blue and silver both by the brand Bosny. I started by spraying the teapot and lid blue, and let it dry for 24 hours before wrapping it in cling film and spraying the handle and lid button silver.

The cling wrap was a HUGE mistake. I had no idea the solvent in the paint would affect the plastic that badly. It was fused with the teapot wherever it was stained silver. I spent a considerate amount of time trying to peel it off and still ended up having to simply spray pain over it with the leftover blue paint. I know that in the future I need to use something else to mask the areas I do not wish to paint over.

The teapot will continue to be a decor piece. Currently it sits in my study where it is witnessing my daily trials and tribulation as a blogger. Ask me in a couple of years what it went on becoming...

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  1. Wow, Cyn!
    I'd have just restored the deep brown color but you went not only qurky nut 2 tone to really make it an accent piece!

  2. Oops, That should read "quirky BUT 2 tone"

    1. I figured it out :-)
      Originally the teapot was an intense and gorgeous black. The brown is the rust that started showing through over the years.

      I could have painted it black again, but then it would just have looked like a teapot one might use to brew tea, and it is way too damaged inside for that. So I decided it would be better to really paint it in a bold hue so that it screams "decorative" rather than "use me".

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    the teapot has an ancient Chinese kind of look.

    on A lighter note, u could gift one of your art work to the lady upstairs. I think the dupatta table runner could do the trick. drape it over her shoulder or better still use it imaginatively.


    1. It is a chinese style teapot :-)

      I think gifting her the dupatta table runner is a bad idea, I might end up strangling her with it. She is one pompous, self entitled, status hungry idiot.

      I guess using it to gag her could be seen as an imaginative way to use it right?

      I am still waiting for the contractor to show up at my place to talk about ways to fix my ceiling in a waterproof way. As far as the neighbour problem goes, they once again ignored the problem. My flat owner is visiting India in April, and she said she would take it personnally with the society then. But by then, the heat and humidity will by high, the upstairs AC will drip into the ceiling again, and it will probably take even longer for the upstairs people to finally do something about it, if they ever do.

      If only the water came out in their wall and on their floor instead of down in my flat!

    2. Anonymous1:25 AM

      It's Japanese, not Chinese :)

  4. I love that color, Lyn!! It reminds me of an old coffee grinder my father painted in the same color, and that I asked my mother to keep as a memory when he passed away.

    1. Aww it is amazing how these small household items can hold so many memories huh?


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