February 2016 calendar printable

9:09 AM

True to my promise to offer each of my 2016 Calendar pages on the first of the month, I give you the one for February today.

In India, February marks the last month of Winter for many. Here in Mumbai you can start feeling the days getting a bit warmer already and DH and I commented just yesterday how our AC free nights are now starting to be numbered. We estimate that we have another 2-3 weeks before we might need to get it running again. We aren't looking forward to the fact that in a month or two our electricity bills are going to start looking like a King's ransom again...sigh!

But back to February shall we? I chose to illustrate it with a cupcake, because, like it or not it is the month for sweet things, love and everything pink and red.
While I am not really super hot about Valentines day as a exclusively couple celebration, I am all for love. From my many American friends I came to know that Valentines is not just a thing for adults, and that it can celebrate ALL love bonds. Family, friends, partners...all included.
And let me tell you that I much prefer this take on that festival than the nauseating display of teddy bear, red roses and emphasis on coupledom.
I used to absolutely LOATHE the day in Switzerland, in a relationship or not. Mostly because if you are attached, you have the pressure to buy a crap load of...well stupid crap in the name of commercialism. And if you happen to be single, every stores, bakeries florist shops and restaurants will make you fell like you committed to ultimate sin by not being with someone.

One year I even had to face the snark remark of a snotty sales lady when I decided to treat myself to a  bracelet that day. Not because it was Valentines day, but because that day fell on a Saturday and I had been admiring that one for weeks and really wanted it and had both time and money to buy it.
When the lady enquired if I needed a gift wrap and I said no, her response was "Ma'am you need someone to start gifting you these, especially on a day like this one".
My reply was probably the best you can come up with : "Ma'am, I am the most important person in my own world, I am loving myself so much I'd rather be alone than in bad company, and on this day, it would be a crime if I forget to treat myself to a gift".
Oh snap!

Because yes, we have the right and we should all remember to love ourselves first. And this month, should be as good as any to be reminded of that. I love cupcakes and sweet treats, and it is still cool enough for me to bake them in my kitchen. This is the reason why it illustrates February on my calendar.

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. I recall some snark from a middle aged sales lady in jewelry store that was having a Valentines day sale on ring settings in the US. I had 3 diamonds that I inherited from my grandmother & I was choosing a new ring setting to place them in. She actually said to me, "Dear, diamonds don't mean anything unless a man gives them to you." She was serious. I replied, "My grandmother left these to me when she passed away, they are from her wedding ring and therefore mean A LOT to me."
    Anyway, I love that cupcake! I was looking at the designs on your calendar & they'd make great patterns for tapestry embroidery. That cupcake would look fab on a pillow top with a turquoise background.
    February means Chinese New Year and hopefully lots of Chinese tourists on their winter holidays here in Nepal. It's the year of the monkey!

    1. What is with these snarky jewellery shop sales ladies huh?
      I am not much into tapestry and stitching, but yeah I think it would look great on a turquoise background indeed.

  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    That cupcake is cute. My Indian family loathe cupcakes. Because they are covered in an inch of buttercream. Lol.

    1. I don't think my in-laws ever tried them, but DH is not super crazy about the buttercream icing on top thing himself.


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