Give your home some love this Valentine

11:27 AM

Yes, yes, the festival of love is coming. This is the time you are supposed to gift your partner something that is either special, or plain old silly (aka stuffed pink teddy bear and balloons).

And, if there is one festival I am the most on the fence about this must be Valentine's day. I explained my feelings about it earlier this month when I was offering my February calendar page for download.
It's not that I am against love, believe me I am all for it and it is isn't the commercial aspect and gift giving that bugs me either (I might as well hate all festivals if that was the case).

No, what bugs me the most about V day is how love is defined. Love that can only be a couple thing. Love that is often to really be expressed in an unilateral way in which the man gifts an expensive looking item to a woman whose job is to look pretty, sexy and melt like snow in the sun at the sight of either chocolate, gold or diamonds.
Last time I checked these items weren't either kryptonite nor radioactive waste, so women having to go weak in the knee over them is really idiotic.

Love is wonderful, and guess what, you can just about love anybody or anything, and yes you should celebrate it. Love of your family, partner, children, pets, life, loving yourself. Those are things to celebrate.

I could have written a standard blog post about my pick for Valentine's gift to gift Her (or Him) and be lost in a mass of shopping guides that recommend you buy something chocolaty, fuzzy and either red or pink. But, this is really not my thing and instead my heart went balancing between putting together a list of gifts you can give yourself, or items to give your home decor some TLC.
I ended up choosing the second option, for many reasons.

Oh, and before I proceed, this is a shopping guide, and I am an Amazon India affiliate, so if you click the links below and happen to make a purchase (any purchase) I paid. If you are against the idea, don't click anything.
1) I spent hours looking at cute home decor items of all kind to make this shopping guide. At one point I entered glass bottles all set on finding a cute drinking water bottle in either pink or red. And this pretty Cherry blossom vase caught my attention instead.

2) Next, I looked at cookie jars, because I love cookies. A little scrolling and browsing later and I found this very ethnic and adorably quirky hand painted cookie jar . Seriously, how cute is that?

3) I was so taken by that cookie jar, that I ended up clicking on the seller's name (Kaushalam), and this is something you HAVE to do because every single one of their items are stunning, colourful and guaranteed to bring some zing into your home. This tea kettle stole my heart, along with all the others, I can't be monogamous when it comes to anything tea. I probably would not use it for tea fearing to ruin the hand painting on it, but how good would it look in your living room or dinning table?

4) I love tea, and a home without tea, isn't a home. This Rose Oolong Tea by Tea trunk is something I can totally picture gifting myself, mostly because the box is absolutely stinking cute and I could re-use it in my decor at some point. Who said a diamond is a girl's best friend? Give me tea in cute tea boxes any day...ha!

5) Last but not least, I had to add a candle holder. And that was a VERY difficult one because I love candles. So I let the voice of reason dictate to me that Valentines is about red and pink and that I should stick to the theme. As a result, I narrowed it down to a few and ended up picking this embossed tea light holder to conclude this shopping guide.

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  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Indians are a little allergic to love as it is equated with physical luSt. love is dismiss as list. However bollywood has always celebrated love and in the initial period was considered as bad influence on society. thank to bollywood Indians have some understanding of love though bollywood style love is not always perfect. It puts wrong ideas in the minds of young people leading to eve teasing and stalking. not a very good guide but it has kept the concept of love alive in a love allergic society. Indians can express their love through thousands of songs, dance quiet a unique gift.

    Therefore if there is day for love I am all got it except that I puts unnecessary pressure at that crucial time when other things are more important. sometimes the damage may last a life time. love should not be a matter of show off or competition. blessed are the ones who are touched by true love. I guess I am little old fashioned.


    1. Problem number one: eve teasing and stalking are NOT love, so love as an emotion cannot trigger these. The need for control and power do however.

      Problem number two: Bollywood has portrayed love the wrong way. Stalking the heroine and pestering her until her No turns into a Yes, isn't love, this is harassment, and a display of male power over women.

      Love is different, and the love that is exclusively associated with couples and mating is not really love either. In Switzerland Valentines day is 100% a couple affair, and sadly it has turned into a "single people shaming" affair.
      It is only when I got exposed to the American way through friends that I really understood that for some it is a festival to just celebrate any kind of love. I guess you could call it universal love.

      Universal love is something I practice daily, it is at the centre of theory called the "Law of Attraction". The lady who wrote the self help books called "The Secret", "The magic" and "The Power" explains it well.
      Basically what you give out to the world is what you end up getting back magnified, a principle you will also find in every major religions in this world.

      This means that I love my husband as much as I love my daughter, my cat my dog, the food on my plate, life and myself. Well to be more accurate, I love myself first, and the love I feel for myself becomes the standard for all the other love.

      Back to Indian culture, I think that equating love with lust, stalking and eve teasing or a tool to currupt young mind is utterly idiotic and need to stop.

  2. Love is a many splendored thing!!!!!
    I wonder if Shiv Sena will go on the rampage this year? Do they have pink chaddis on
    Anyhoo, that cookie jar is adorable!
    My hubby will probably buy me a huge card, flowers, & chocolate. He likes those silly meter high cards for some reason.

    1. I am sue they are selling pink chaddis on Amazon LOL, and I am sure that the Shiv Sena and other right wing outfits are finalising the details on their yearly campaign against chocolate, balloons, teddy bear and teenagers talking to one another in public parks, like they always do.
      Their using violence to tackle something as silly and innocent as pink and red fluff has always made me laugh.

      My husband and I really don't exchange gifts on Valentine's day, I think I got flowers a couple of times, but then he gets flowers for me every now and then, so it is not like V day is the only special day he does it. In fact he and Ishita went to buy me some last weekend, smart move if you ask me because this weekend they are going to be costlier :-)


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