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A blog Makeover

1:35 PM

If you logged in earlier today, you might have noticed that things were a bit funky. If you just came back after days of not visiting, you probably noticed that things are looking much different on the blog.

I decided it was about time for a complete makeover, the one that would require me to lay some protective plastic sheet on the floor and put my working clothes on should this blog had been an actual brick and mortar room.
Instead, I spend hours looking for a free blog template I liked. It was followed by more hours testing it on my secret test blog (where I do most of the mess before screwing up Home Cyn Home). And, because I just needed a new header, I spent a few countless hours designing one.

But there is is! The new Home Cyn Home! Let me give you a tour:

New template

I decided to go get a free template and start afresh this time. No more coding every single individual bits to look a certain way and loosing my mind about old bits that do not fit with the new bits. I chose the "Feminist" template from "ThemeXpose"

Where is what now?

The new template has a lot of the old elements that moved around. Don't worry, everything is still there and there has been a few new features added. 
The old navigation bar that came right under the header has now shifted to the top of the blog. I still has the About me, Disclosure and categories tabs, but I killed the archives (don't worry you can still access it, more about that later)

That nav bar has one super nifty feature I just loved: The social media icons to follow me are display on the right hand corner, and the "Search the blog" feature relocated upstairs as well (just click on the magnifying glass).

The archive tab moved back to a full fledged widget but I kept it at the bottom of the page. This mean you will have to scroll down a bit if you want to access it, but if you are looking for a specific post, seriously, just use the search feature, it works great. 

Meet Cyn

The good old black and white picture from the previous header is still in! I simply migrated it to an "About" Widget to the top of the side bar. If you want to really know all the dirt about my little person, you can still find that on the "About Me page" (in the navbar).

No excuses not to follow me...none

This template is social media heavy. Not only can you find the icons to follow me in the top Navbar, you can also do so by clicking on the buttons on the sidebar. And just in case you found yourself scrolling all the way down and are too lazy to go back up to follow me, there are buttons to do so in the blog footer. 
Do I hear you say "But what if we just read your blog post and are too lazy to scroll up or down"?

Ha! I got you covered, there is a new nifty little "Author card" at the end of each post. A card that not only remind you I am a tea lover living in Mumbai, but also has all the social icons for you to follow me.

No more excuses not to share or comment

Not that you ever had that excuse to begin with, but now it is prettier to share. All these social share buttons just beg to be clicked, do not leave them alone!

No time to read the posts but time to look at the pictures?

Posts that have more than one pictures are displayed on the homepage with a slideshow feature. Just click the arrow to move from one pic to the next. Let me remind you that all pictures are still copyrighted, and that you need to ask for my permission to use them though. 

Instagram widget

No time to go check what I have been up to on Instagram? No problem, there is a widget that will let you see my latest 9 Instagram pictures right beside the "Archive" widget. You need to scroll down past the blog posts to see it, but it is there (I might move it later, not sure about it)

The new header

After moving my picture to the sidebar, I figured out it was just about time for a new header. I kept the Home Cyn Home font, I tweaked some of the colours, and painted a background in watercolour to match the new template's accent colour. 

At this point there might still be a few details to hammer in, and a few kinks to fix. 

If you notice anything strange, be a dear and let me know in the comments. I also would love to know how you like the new layout, even if there is no bug to report. 


  1. Looks good!
    I do kinda miss the old theme with the bright blue & pink accents, for some reason it seemed more "Cyn."
    I'm going to be changing the look of my blog soon too. No more frumpy dumpy basic blogger blog for me!
    (I'll email you with the details)

    1. I don't remember the bright blue and pink theme. The one before this one was all pink, white and grey. The last "Cyn's adventure" was blue, but it was more of a dark blue.

      I can't wait to see how your blog will look

  2. Anonymous7:49 PM

    the blog looks awesome and the header seems to be very Indian. oddly the first thing that came to my mind was pink wall paint. It seems like I am looking at freshly painted pink wall. metaphorically the blog is like home and u feel happy when u change the decor.

    I have posted something on the previous post. I feel deeply disturbed and wanted to share with someone. I know not the right place I apologise. u may want to have a look.


    1. Funnily enough, I lived in a flat that had that kind of pink on every walls :-) it gets old and depressing really quickly. One wall is fine, but when every rooms has that same salmon pink look you can go a bit crazy :-)

      I saw your post, and read the article, but I chose not to reply in the comment, first because I was quite busy, and then because I didn't feel that post was the place to comment on such thing.

  3. I did not see your old set up, but the current one is great. I also recently made a major shift, and changed the title of my site. The theme will be next. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Senczyszak :-) I should have taken a screen shot of that old template, which pretty much was the Blogger simple layout that I heavily edited.
      I changed the name of my blog 2 years ago, before that it was known as "Cyn's Adventure in India" but I got tired of being "that lady married to an India who blogs about India" It's been 12 years since I moved to India, and it's pretty much home to me, the old name didn't reflect that at all :-)

  4. Anonymous11:30 AM

    the blog looks more feminine in taste. It is better that u brought your picture below because on opening the blog the reader felt intimidated by that large picture. It is as if u are saying "u better write something nice...." lol. no offence meant but I always felt looking at the picture. now your pic and information about u are in the same place.


    1. Hmmm, I think that regardless of where the picture stands, I want people to write nice comments, I tend to delete nasty comments or come with some witty replies :-)

  5. O, that reminds me. I must too change the look of my blog. Must find some time for it.

    This one looks neat. If I can suggest some thing, may be the text of the post could be darker.

    To my eyes it's looking a bit greyish. The sub-heads are dark. Probably, it's part of the template. If you don't want to make it 100% black, may be you can you can make it 80% or so black.

    1. The text color is part of the template HTML, it could take a long long time to find all the pieces of code to change everything so that the look stays coherent, since it is a completely premade template that is not part of blogger, I can't modify anything in the advanced customising tool, it has been disabled. I think the problem is that the sub-heads are not part of the template and the default blogger black applied to them. It would be easier to make the sub-heads lighter than it would be editing the CSS of the template to get the text to show darker

  6. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Love the new look!! I've been reading since pretty much the beginning, and I'm glad you are still blogging! I hope this new format won't *eat* my comments like the old one did occasionally after I hit "Preview"!

    1. The comment platform is still the Blogger one. I didn't know it had a preview mode until you pointed it out :-) I usually hit Publish right away, but yeah I noticed some of your comments make it to my mailbox, but not the blog.

      I used to have Disqus comment in the past, but that was worse. For now I think I'll stick with the default comment platform.

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM

    it is suggested that u add some bling to the header. I understand that it is water colour design but it appears faded and drab. A little bling could do the trick.


    1. I don't like "bling" and I think the trend of digital glitter died a decade ago :-) Watercolour is actually in style right now, and it makes for a more professional look. It is also easier to incorporate the colours in other design elements.


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