March 2016 Calendar printable

8:00 AM

It's March already! Can you believe it?

For most of us in India this means the Winter has left us and the heat is starting to claim us. Mumbai has been showing signs of Summer approaching all last week and I already woke up too often feeling sweaty.
Despite this, I am still trying to not use the AC at night. Mostly because I still live in complete denial and hope my resisting the urge will make our Winter temps stick around a little while longer.

If you live in colder climates and higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere you might be conjuring thoughts and vision of Spring at the moment. I don't blame you, I've live this reality once. But as you are now looking at your Summer dresses with longing and eagerness, I am finding myself bidding goodbye to my socks and long pants with a knot in my tummy. And, I swear my shorts and light weight tops are taunting me (I cleaned my wardrobe this weekend, they totally did).

March in Mumbai is that already hot, but not yet as humid as it will become and plants are still more or less green and blooming. Come April end and everything will look burnt, dry and a lot of trees will loose their leaves exposing us to the harsh sun even more.

This is why I chose to paint palm leaves and a beautiful frangipani flower to represent this month.

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. Oh I wish I had a printer that worked!!!
    Hey, Cyn have you ever thought about drawing one of those coloring books for grown ups that are popular now? Your hand drawn illustrations would be perfect !

    1. Thats an idea, I just don't know where to start getting it published. The drawing part is the easy part :-)

  2. March is typically a month that when we all discuss who hot the summer would be. Bengaluru is getting warmer. Interestingly, here, people (so used to low temperatures) tend to say it's very hot, even when the temperature is just about 30 deg C

    1. I remember cribbing about the heat when it hit 30 degrees in Bangalore, and it wasn't even humid heat, at least not as humid as Mumbai. I heard Bangalore is getting much warmer year after year too, a week or so ago one of my friend reported higher temps than we had in Mumbai.


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