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Our Summer of 2016 Journal project is still going strong, and both Ishita and I are having a blast keeping it and playing with stickers. In fact, we are probably going to make our local art supplies shop very wealthy at the pace we go about it.
Don't believe me? Here is a page in my album (Ishita's has twice the amount of stickers on any given page):
On some pages, I used pictures I took and printed, on other it is just washi tape, stamps and stickers. This journal is really a cross between a diary and a scrapbooking album. And scrapbooking is a LOT of fun.

But wait? How do you get started with scrapbooking/fancy journaling? This is where I come in and let you in on all the supplies you may need. Some are more essential than others, but it doesn't really hurt to have them all on hand really. All the links below will be Amazon Affiliate links, if you click on them and purchase anything on Amazon, I will get a commission (but you won't be charged anything extra).

Plain paper notebook
To scrapbook or keep a fancy journal like the ones we are keeping this Summer, you will need a plain, unruled Notebook with good quality paper. I bought mine from my local stationary store, but it looks not unlike this one. If you plan on decorating the front cover, opt for a solid colour instead of a patterned one, but really the choice is yours, as long as it is plain paper inside.

A colour printer
This is not really an absolute must if you are going to just journal, but if scrapbooking is your goal, either invest in a good colour printer, or have your pictures professionally printed. I currently have a regular HP Inkjet Advantage printer. It does a fair job at printing picture (though they tend to fade a bit with time). I am not going to lie, I have my eyes set on the "Canon Selphy" Photo printer, and one day I might actually invest in one, as it is apparently the closest thing to colourfast, professional prints you can get at home.

Fine liner pens
Oh! I can't even find the proper way to start telling you how much I love them. I use fineliners ALL the time, in my planner, in my notebooks, my diaries, my everything. I. LOVE. WRITING. IN. COLOURS.
There said it, and I have accumulated quite a collection of colours, all bought one at a time at my local stationary store. My two favourite brands are "Maped" and "Staedtler", you absolutely can't go wrong with these.

Glitter pens
To add a little more sparkle to your writing or doodles, there is nothing better than a glitter gel pen.
Washi tape
Aka decorative paper tape. The options are pretty much endless, and you will find it in most art supplies shop these days. The one in the picture above can be found here. But just type Washi tape in Amazon and see what happens.

Stamps and ink pads
The great thing with ink and stamps is that you can repeat the same pattern over and over in as many colours of ink as you own. The options are again pretty endless, and you are pretty much guaranteed to find even the most basic supplies in your local art supplies shop. If not type Stamps for craft in Amazon.

This is what we use the most. And we created quite a collection to tap into: glitter letters to write words, foam stickers, glitter, plain ones, hard plastic ones...You can pretty much find them everywhere art and school supplies are sold. Amazon has about 400 pages of results in their "Toys and Games" section alone.

Magazine clippings and personal memorabilia 
Went to a great restaurant? Visited a fun museum? Stayed in a cool hotel? Bought a cute outfit? Keep all those business cards, leaflets, paper coasters, label tags, and entry tickets. You can totally use them in your scrapbook or journal.
If you find a really cool picture in a magazine, cut it out and keep it, you never know when you will need it to illustrate a page in your journal. Best of all these things come at no extra costs.

This is something that can't really be bought anywhere, unless you pay for a scrapbooking class. My advice though is to have fun. Just browse pinterest for inspiration if you feel stuck and go play with all those pretty supplies and photo prints. In the end the book you will create will be "uniquely YOU", you can't beat that when it comes to create something special. 

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  1. Loved your scrapbook journal. Thanks for all the links in single post. I would love to make a book with my 5 year old and want to buy lot of stickers. Will bookmark this page. Thanks:-) as you said, we should start collecting stickers.

    1. You're welcome :-) My daughter absolutely LOVE stickers, she can't get enough of them. And this journal project is getting her to practice writing. I don't check the spelling, or even her handwriting, I just want her to gain the confidence to write on her own without having to copy a black board this summer.

  2. Awesome website and blogs glad to read it


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