5 dishes I can't wait to cook again this monsoon

4:26 PM

Normally, when the Summer strikes us in Mumbai, I make it a rule to not spend more than 10 minutes in front of the stove to prepare a meal.
This year, I simplified our meal plan even further by prioritising salads, sandwiches no-cook options. Plus, there was a lot of eggs on the menu (they cook quickly and are delicious).

Sure, there have been a few stir fry dishes, some pasta and a few grilled thingies, but they were far less the norm than they have been the previous Summers.

This Summer was the first season of the "Fuck you kitchen" (and no I will not excuse my French, I mean every ounce it). I flat out refuse to submit myself to a torture activity in this heat.
Not when I am already enduring a level of social interaction above my wellbeing threshold. Thanks but no thanks!

And guess what? We did fine (and we still are). Nobody is starving, or sick. I mean physically sick, as far as Summer is concerned, we are more than sick of it, but that is another story.

As much as we enjoyed a wide variety of salads and sandwiches, we really can't wait to starting sinking our teeth into warm, more elaborate food stuff again. Which is yet another reason why the monsoon really can't come quick enough.

I could not help myself but compile a list of some (absolutely non-exhaustive list) of the dishes I can't wait to cook again.

Homemade pizza

I could have continued making pizzas such as the Fresh mozzarella one during the Summer, IF I didn't run out of dough. 
You see, I make my pizza dough in batches, section into individual portion and freeze them. This usually mean I have a stock of dough ready to roll down and bake through the year. 
The problem is that in this heat, there is no way you'd get me to knead any kind of bread dough. First because I am far from being a masochistic person, and then because dripping bucket of sweat into the dough is unhygienic. 

Image credit : A Beautiful Mess

ABM's Roasted red peppers and tomato soup

This particular soup has been a big hit at home from the instant the ABM bunch published this recipe. I love homemade soups in general, but this one is particularly awesome. 
There is nothing that beats a soup and toasted bread dinner when it is pouring cats and dogs outside. If you haven't experienced that bliss just yet, I urge you to try it. 

Pies and tarts

Just like pizza dough, I ran out of pie crust dough, and just like pizza dough, I won't sweat over it in this heat. 
The idea of sinking my teeth in a savoury pie or a Swiss style tart is very appealing. Beside, peaches, and even apricots have made a comeback this week, those two fruits work wonderfully in tarts. 

Chicken drumsticks in curry leaves gravy

It's not that continental style gravy dishes are hard to pull or even demand a lot of stove attention. It's just that in this heat, the last thing you want to do is eat something coated in a thick warm gravy, with or without a serving of mashed potatoes. This curry leaves gravy chicken, is a favourite of ours the instant the kitchen becomes bearable again. 

Image credit: The Midnight Baker

Shepherd's pie

I grew up enjoying Shepherd's pies under their French avatar : The "Hachis parmentier". Both are essentially the same thing: a baked dish of minced meat and mashed potatoes. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this super awesome looking "Loaded Shepherd's pie" by The Midnight Baker on Pinterest. Needless to say it got me salivating, and shepherd's pies will get an upgrade in my home. Give me some rain, and that will end up on the menu. 

These are just a few of the many dishes I enjoy cooking and eating when I am not sweating bullets. I did keep the list Continental. 
So if you are going to comment about Indian dishes in the comment, know that YES I do eat chaat and Pakoda during the monsoon, and YES I enjoy creamy rajma dishes and dal makhani, it's just that this blog post is NOT about these type of dish. 

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  1. That chicken looks good. I wish I could do no stove but I can't see a way around it llol

    1. My stove is a gas stove, so in this 95 degrees and above heat that feels 10 times worse because we have 80% humidity to go with it, I flat out refuse to cook. The few times I attempted to do something more elaborate than pasta, I could see the sweat from my forehead dripping on the kitchen counter, the idea that this could end up in the food I prepare is too gross for me to want to risk it :-)

    2. Anonymous5:14 PM

      We are getting our kitchen done with electric chimney. I don't know how much it will help to reduce the heat. The chimney looks more like elaborate appliance to me.


    3. Chimneys are less about reducing the heat that they are at absorbing the smoke and oily fumes. It helps keep your kitchen much cleaner, though cleaning the chimney's filter will be hard work. Electric chimneys are very common in Switzerland, you find them in most kitchens. I actually miss them here and am thinking of getting a small one we can take with us if we move


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