May 2016 Calendar printable

8:00 AM

En Mai, fait se qu'il te plait

This is French for "In May, do as you please" a sentence that usually comes after the well known : En Avril, ne te decouvre pas d'un fil (In April, do not uncover yourself of even one thread).

It is a saying that that suggest that in under European climate it is wise not to take any warm day in April for granted, and only really rejoice and do as you will in May. 
In Mumbai, this is a different story. If you are wise, you have removed as many layers of clothing as possible starting in March. 
By May, you really really wish you had anything else you could remove (namely your on skin). Mangoes pretty much lost their novelty already and everything people want to hear by May end is about the promise of rains to come. 

The only thing that could peel our eyes of the sky (where we scan for any dark clouds) are the sight of lychees on fruit vendor's stalls. 
Lychees, that sweet little blessing of a fruit that make us patient until the monsoon. This incredible fruit that few in the West have ever seen fresh in its rosy peel and flowery taste glory!
I kid you not people, I look forward to lychees way more than I ever looked forward to mangoes.

To be honest, mangoes really are "just another fruit" to me, tasty, but not something I long for the entire year to come back in season. Lychees, peaches and strawberries are different story. 

So, to celebrate the coming back of one of my favourite fruit, the May calendar page has been illustrated with a bunch of lychees in front of a blazing sun (because yes it is still steaming hot). 

Which fruit are you looking forward to every year?

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. I miss California nectarines!
    I don't know why but it always surprises me how April & May In Nepal is so much like August & September in my native California. The furnace like heat, the hot arid winds (just like the Santa Ana winds in California) that fan huge wildfires which burn the dry underbrush & thatch from the previous wet season making the air an unbreathable mess of smoke & particulates. We have dust in California because it is so dry but nothing like the gritty stuff so ubiquitous in South Asia. The basin like valleys in Nepal & California are wonderful places for all this smoke & gunk to sit unperturbed & miserable. UGH! Oh well, rain is predicted for Tuesday hopefully dropping the temp from 35C to 28C.

    Lychees aren't due here until next month. Bruised & battered mangoes are showing up here from the Indian plains.

    I like your choice of lavender & gold for May's illustration.

    1. Lychees may come earlier for you this year. I passed by a fruit vendor yesterday and there they were, all ripe and rosy. I bought a whole Kg of them and it is gone already, Ishita and I could not stop eating them :-)
      They tasted really good despite being quite early in the season. Last year, I first saw them in stalls the second week of May and they were sour.


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