My home is a mess

5:39 PM

My home is a mess. I don't like it, but I can't bring myself to do anything about it.

It's too hot you see. It's not worth the sweat. It's not worth passing out or suffering a heat stroke.

So, my home is  mess. As it should be. It is Summer after all, and I am too busy pretending (or trying) to hibernate.

It's a mess I tell you! See! There is laundry sitting in a basket (won't tell you for how long) taunting me from the balcony where I locked it away:

There are clean dishes in the kitchen. Dishes that I should have put away, but won't, not until time to cook comes (and don't ask me when that will be)

There are towels and clothes scattered all over the floor of my bedroom (and possibly the whole flat). But, HEY! The bed is made, what can I say, I have a twisted sense of priorities...don't judge!

My home is a mess! There are stuff on my dinning table that should not be there:

Some days, it is worse than other (but I won't confess how bad it can be). Sue me! We barely eat anyway, it's not like we really need the whole dinning table. Too hot for that too you see...

The living room is where we pretend to have a life, so we can't be bothered to make it look appealing anymore:
No more pretty vignette either, the place has been overtaken by art supplies, piles of books and papers that we won't clean up, we don't have guests so we don't care.
The study is the worst. It doesn't matter, nobody that walks on two legs bother hanging out there as it is hotter than hell. My cat is the only one enjoying it and she took care of storing herself away:
She claimed the room has her turf. She does it from April till June.

My home is a mess and I will not bother doing anything to change it. Not now, not until the monsoon delivers us from this evil that is Summer.

Then, it'll get cleaned, it'll get tidied and I will reclaim the study as my own. My cat will give me a fight that's true, but we will coexist at my desk peacefully once again.

The rain is the only thing that will make us care about the content of our plates. I will then find joy in the kitchen again, not before.
There will be cup of teas that will be enjoyed instead of being gulped down out of necessity.

Yes, we'll come back to life. We always do.

Until then...

My home will be a mess. 

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  1. Rationalization is a writing art form. And this piece you wrote is artistry!

    1. Thank you :-)
      I needed to let it all out on paper, then realised I had something good going on, so I took pictures of my mess to go along with it and refined my writing to make it into something bloggable :-)

  2. Merciless heat
    It finally cooled off to 26C here today!
    But then the transformer for our little town blew & we won't have any electricity for 5 days until they can replace it. So now we have a loud, smelly generator in the front yard charging the invertor so we can run the computer, lights, & TV.
    Dal, pickles, rice, rotis & powdered milk is all we'll be eating for the next 5 days!

    1. That SUCKS! I would go crazy if that scenario played in my home.
      Yesterday we apparently had a 3 hour long maintenance power cut. They were kind enough to inform us a day in advance, needless to say I went out the whole time, first because Ishita had her gymnastic class, then we went for a long and blissful lunch date until we reached the time at which the cut was to be over with.

      That long lunch was the only big meal we ate that day, in the evening we were glad to call yogurt dinner. This whole humid and sticky heat really kills my buzz in the kitchen. Can't cook with the fan on, but without it I drip sweat everywhere (counter, and possibly food), no but no thanks.

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Oh, don't be so hard on yourself. Mess means the house is a home. Too much cleanliness means, you are living in a hotel. I am very afraid of enter homes which are spick and span. A house with a child cannot remain clean, we have realized to our own peril. My son finds innovative ways to decorate our walls.

    It was very hot something like 40C. Now, it has cooled down. It may rain.


    1. My home is never super clean :-) it's just that during the Summer we really don't care if the dinning table disappear under a pile of clean but unfolded laundry, or how many old newspapers are flying about under the fans. This is mostly a creative witting process for the blog because I lack the energy to get into more complex craft projects.

      There was some clouds this morning but it came with a huge spike in humidity levels. I hope for rains, but I don't think it will happen just yet in Mumbai :-)

  4. Anonymous10:58 AM

    The gas pipeline is goes just above the electric wire of the water purifier. It could be dangerous. It is better that you shift the water purifier further left, on the space above the bottle of Colin or further left just above the sink where there seems to be a blank space.


    1. The pipeline got installed after the aqua guard, and it is far from the plug point this is just the chord that is dangling in front of it. The pipeline is solid copper too. I just checked in my kitchen to see if it could be moved though, it can't, the aqua guard is mounted almost against the cabinets already and we can't shift it to the left because the tap would be in the way and the unit would not fit at all. The joy of Mumbai kitchens. The gas people are quite efficient in Mumbai, so if they thought it was fine, then it is. The cord of the aqua grad is in good condition too, no holes or exposed wire that could spark and cause an accident

    2. The plug point is also still on the right, so moving the aqua guard on the left, even if it was possible, would still expose more cord that would end up dangling above the sink area and still near the pipe increasing the risk of said chord to be damaged. Shifting the plug point to the left would make it go directly in the wet area of the sink increasing the risk of getting electrocuted if any water splashes on it. A gas triggered accident is far less a probability than an electrical accident trust me. For a gas accident we would need to have a leak in the copper pipe and a naked wire together. If it is just the copper pipe leaking, then any switch in the kitchen, near or far would be a hazard if used. But thanks to Mahanagar having made their gas extra stinky, you can't not smell a leak, it is impossible. This gas is the most potent smell I have ever smelled in my entire life. In our old building, a leak occurred on one of the flexible connector on the outside of the building, just one flat above us. Said flat was empty, but we below just smelled a god awful smell of putrid hell from the gas and alerted security. Mahanagar came in less than 20 minutes and they forced the door of that flat opened to stop it stat.

    3. Anonymous2:04 PM

      We had a leak in the copper gas pipe just on the bend. It had no smell but we knew something was very wrong when we started getting high bills. It is metal and can often develop a crack. You can also shift the plug point high above to the left where it is safe from water splashes. Then you can get the whole wire put in a plastic bracket, the kind of thing that you seen in offices, where telephone and electrical lines are put in small plastic pipes, to keep it safe from water. Believe me, this arrangement in your kitchen seems dangerous.

      About the other stuff, the broken tap, the container for the dish washer soap and the plastic container to store the tongs and other stuff looks very familiar. What's that stainless steel container near the plastic container??


    4. Trust me, the smell of that gas is so nasty that if I could smell it inside my flat from a leak that occurred one floor up on an outdoor connector. I will smell something occurring inside my own kitchen. You still need an exposed wire that is in contact with the gas to create an accident. No insulated power cord that has no cracks can give you that. Have you ever rewired an appliance? I have, the electrical wire inside those power cord are covered in an outer layer that is about 2-3mm thick, then the 3 wires for the positive, neutral and grounding are all in their own colour coded sheath which is about .5 to 1mm thick depending the cord. To expose the live wire, you need a very sharp blade or pair of wire baring pliers. So unless I decide to go at my Aqua guard cord like a raging maniac with a sharp pair of scissors or a box cutter. There is no way any of the electrical wire in that cord would come naked. Since we never rewired this one to change the plug head, it also still come with the seamless coating that prevents the wires from breaking at the joint which was the most vulnerable point of electrical appliances before they introduced that measure.

      As for the plug being shifted higher, impossible again, there is a kitchen cabinet that goes high up above it. Trust me, there is nothing super risky about that arrangement, or at least nothing that would be riskier than in any other piped gas arrangement. in the event of a gas leak inside my kitchen even switching on the ceiling fan from the switch that is the further away from said pipe would be more dangerous than a fully insulated and in full condition power cord that is just looping in front of the copper pipe before being tucked away behind the water purifier.

      We service the water purifier every 6 months and I check that they do it right. The Mahanagar people come once every 3-4 months to read the meter in my flat and they always seem to give a quick check to the pipe as well. We are good!

    5. Oh and the small steel container stores all my kitchen knives and the gas lighter :-) I keep all these on hand near the stove because the only available counter space I have to chop my veggies is right in front of the stove, so I keep all the utensils I need to work in that area of the kitchen at arm's length. The cutting boards are stored in the cabinet right above the sink, again with int arm length of the work area. I even had to lecture my maid on not daring to switch the order in which the stuff in that cabinet go because I often open the door and just slide my hand in and grab the right board from memory without looking.

  5. While it gets nowhere near as hot in the summer here, we still let the chores slide when there's just no energy to do them. I hope the summer treats you kindly.

    1. Hopefully, we have a few weeks left of Summer left. In India Summer happens from March end until mid-June when the monsoon brings some relief. The Monsoon in Mumbai is particularly wet and the temperature goes down to bearable levels again for 2-3 months. We are at that stage where we are all hoping for rain :-)


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