Stay sane in May

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Fess up! You are on the verge of loosing your sanity if you are a stay at home parent in India. Most of you have probably been in this Summer break gig for about a month. It's hot, and your child is starting to be bored.

You are struggling to find new ways to entertain your troops and find yourself dreaming of running away from it all, hide into a spa retreat, or seek colder latitudes.

The heat, the kids, the TV, it all has gone to your head and GAH!!!!! It's been only a month! Most of you (lucky you) have another month to endure, and it is time to take care of yourself!
I myself am stuck in this crazy gig until July end, the price to pay for the change for a better school (sigh!)

To get you to this slice of sanity salvaging heaven, there are two things you need to do. First, if you haven't already, go check the Shopping Guide I put together in April. It's all about keeping your kids entertained.
Second, this month's Shopping Guide is all about things to make you relax. You need it! Your wellbeing is supremely important at this point.  And because it is Home Cyn Home style, it has to be full of colours.

Needless to say that this little Shopping Guide is full of affiliate links, if you buy anything, I get paid a commission, which will probably go toward a spa treatment to regain my own sanity (wink wink).

Your shopping guide to sanity recovering this Summer
1) Step one to relaxing yourself : the prefect chair or hammock. This cheerful cushion swing just fits the bill.

2) It has been proven that colouring is an activity that relax the mind and help you refocus. Sadly, until recently, colouring was considered a children's thing. NO LONGER! Adult colouring books have made a massive come back as of late (they were kind of popular in the 90's). It's all about finding the one you love. I myself own this one right now, but this Vintage designs album has made it to my wishlist. Not to mention this pocket size "Into the deep" album. How can you go wrong with a book that says "Peace in your pocket"

I say YES please!

3) In this heat, the only acceptable thing to eat is ice cream, and anything better than ice cream is ice cream that looks stylish. This adorable serving dish should get you there.

4) You've probably seen them on many blogs. Mason jars have been all the rage for years (even if almost never used for preserves). Now it is the time for you to own those mason jar mugs. I kid you not I use them to get my intake of water going in this heat.

Plus, they are awesome to brew single servings of iced tea: Brew your favourite tea, add sugar and lemon, and put in the fridge to cool. These jars fit perfectly in the door compartment, ready to grab the instant you find water too boring. 

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  1. Good compilation. Children especially, get restless during the vacations. Besides shopping and all the fun activities, it's also the time for them to learn some extra-curricular stuff. Because, the academic routine, being what it is in India, there is little time for kids to take time off to pursue their interests. Probably, during the holidays they can immerse in them fully.

    1. The extra curricular activities are so important indeed! I went for a school that give them some importance, sadly not all school have banked on the idea just yet.

      Since we are pretty much stuck inside the whole day, there is a whole lot of artsy things going on at home. I left all the crayons and papers out in our living room. It has gained so much popularity in our building that all of Ishita's friends come over to play on a regular basis, just because they have access to a lot of crayons and fun markers and even paint :-)

      Ishita also loves gymnastics, so she joins the Summer classes every year.


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