There is magic in a dot

8:25 PM

There is magic to be found in this world. If you look too hard, you might miss it. Yet, it is found in the most unusual places. Places you might overlook if you are too rational (and you never should be).

This weekend, I found out that all you need to look into is a dot of paint. One dot multiplied by many, this is where magic lies :

Magic it was I tell you. An art workshop that ask you to let your soul speak in dots. Dots and colours, like a mystical telegram from your mood.
There was a lot of fun, a lot of focus, a lot of raw expression, the key ingredient to manifest positive energy. Magic I tell you.

There was no right way, no wrong way, and no right age. Just the way art should be.

My mood spoke of pastels and warmth. Ishita's longed for space and galaxies far far away:

If you bother enough to quiet yourself and listen to that voice deep inside, it will start talking. Through a dot, or two, or three if it must.

Ishita and I found out as much this weekend when we took part in a "Magic with dots" workshop.

It all start with a base, then a dot. A dot that becomes many, in a pattern, or at the random, big or small, bright or dark.

There is magic there, if you dare to believe...

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  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    spectacular "dotmanstic". How innovative?? looks like Easter eggs wit dots. What about the greatest dot of all time? bindi. That too is a dot. Have you ever wondered how the innocuous bindi has evolved into fashion statement thanks to saas bahu serials.


    1. A friend of mine pointed out it looks like a Faberge egg without the precious stones :-)

      Yes, the bindi is definitely a work of art these days. Some look less like dots than little jewellery pieces though :-)


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