There is no wrong in arts

1:24 PM

When it comes to arts, there is no right or wrong. There is no perfect way. You can't succeed at arts, and you cannot fail.
You only have people offering their opinion and making or braking your artistry. That is their problem, not yours.

Sure, most artists will go take some classes, some even have a diploma in visual arts. But they only learned their basics so they can break the rules better

Pablo Picasso once said:

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist"

I think we can all agree, wether we like his work or not, that he broke every rules there were to break to give us some of the craziest and funkiest art of the 20th century. He influenced many others to break the rules even further, like Salvador Dali. 

Picasso also said: 

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" 

He was right. Children do not restrict themselves to what they see when they draw. They don't care about proportions, composition, or colour balance. They couldn't care less about form either. 
They draw what they feel, they let it all come from the heart, without a filter. 

Many visual arts "experts" will even agree that children instinctively produce the best work of contemporary art. Kids don't overthink, they are too busy DOING. They are fearless, they don't look for approval when they draw, not until the system breaks them into conforming that is.
There is no right or wrong in arts. The limits are only the ones you created in your own mind. A sheep with spider legs, a blob for a snake, a scribble of red to represent a traffic jam or a cockroach eating a skyscraper...if you can imagine it, you can draw it. 

People claim they can't draw, that they suck at painting. This is the biggest lie ever. We can all hold a pencil and doodle. If you persuaded yourself that you can't make art, it is only because you listened to the wrong people and accepted their judgement as truth. What do they know? What makes them the boss of you? Why do you give them so much control over your own right to expression? What is it that you fear? 

Fear is what stop people from making art. Fear of not conforming to a standard, to live out of the box. Fear of judgment, fear of not being appreciated. Fear of looking over the edge of the world. Fear of the unknown. 

Art is about going beyond borders, beyond perception. It's about taking the world in your hands and giving it back anew, with your own mark on it. If you'd rather have a pink sun setting over a yellow sea, it's not wrong, it's art. 

A solar system looking like a string of beads and more than one planet Earth? Ishita had no problem with that: 
 A blank canvas is a powerful mirror that push you to drop your inhibitions, show you who you are all the while giving you control over the final outcome.

So, go grab those paint brushes, sharpen your pencils and dare to go on that quest to discover yourself.

You can't go wrong, because there is no right either.

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  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    The scene from the movie "Tara Zamee Par" where the teachers initially reluctant to participate in the drawing competition, shed their inhibitions, drew to their heart's content.

    However, I do believe that if you draw a man it looks like an animal then you are yourself cannot convinced about your work. Some amount of training is required to draw the face. Training makes people understand what to do, and then explore the possibilities. Untrained people cannot unlock their creativity because they do not know how to. This goes for any other creative field like acting or writing.

    I made wonderful designs, then one day I stopped just like that, went out of practice. May be got stuck with a single pattern and could not grow. I did not even think I was good enough. It seemed so out of place in my life. I made those big intricate designs to kill time. I could then draw on and on. Goddess Saraswati blesses you only once. May be she entered my hand and then left.

    Now, when I look at your work, I feel if I had some training/interest like you may be that spark of creativity could have become something else.


    1. Look at the picture of the face in this blog post. My daughter drew it, without training, she just did. I am an art major, during my training, we only learned about proportions when it comes to face, there is no right or wrong way to draw a face, there is no perfect face either. You can't learn to draw from a class, at least not learn to do it "perfect" because there is no perfect. Beside, every artist will then break those standards.

      The only time beauty canons mattered in art was during the Italian Renaissance period, back then painting were the equivalent of having your photograph taken, artists were commissioned by wealthy people to draw and paint as close to nature as possible, there was no other likable alternative.

      As I said, the people decide what is good or bad.

      It's fear that hold people back and put a break on creativity. To create anything, you must be fearless. It's hard to do, very hard. The limitations we have when it comes to drawing and painting are in our own mind. If you think you aren't good enough, then you will be not good enough. Small children know no fear, they develop it as they grow up and are made to fear growing up outside the frame.

  2. YAY! we're having our 1st big downpour! Let the Monsoon begin!

    I have only to add-
    Grab that camera, get in that kitchen, garden, or wherever you like to create & do something!

    1. Woohoo! I am glad to hear you have rain. The weather have been super weird over here, still hot and humid and really uncomfortable, but we have seen a lot more cloud these past 2 days. Could it be that the monsoon will bless us early this year?

      You are right, grab whatever creative tool, and create. Most people are afraid to do it, or think they should not bother because they think they aren't good enough for it. You can't find anything out by not doing :-)

  3. you are right Cynthia. I am not an artist, but I love to paint and enjoy watching my kids paint. As you said, there are no limits to the art.

    1. Painting is such a relaxing activity, along with doodling :-) I doodle a lot when I am tensed or bored, it helps me refocus my mind almost instantly.

      With arts the only limits are the one you set yourself and nobody should ever limit themselves that way in the first place :-)


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