June 2016 Calendar Printable

8:00 AM

We made it to June! Can you believe it? JUNE!

Well, to be fair, I can kind of believe it, and am rather relieved. I spent the last two months either in a semi-comatose state or stuck in a parallel universe where times stand still (no joke it felt like it).
Because, you see, I scored the long sentence when it comes to the Summer break (I'm still in until July end).

That doesn't mean back to school is not coming for many of you guys based in India. June marks the start of the Academic year for many and I can hear you sigh a sigh of relief.
Yes parents rejoice! You will find a return to a routine that allows you to be productive. No more struggle trying to keep bored kiddos with a case of cabin fever indoors anymore! Bliss!

With that in mind, it was only logical for me to make a back to school design for this month's calendar page.

If you are like me, stuck in a rut until July (or even later if your kids are in an IB school), you may find other reasons to rejoice in June.
If you are in Mumbai, or down South, June means the arrival of the Monsoon. And who can't rejoice at this prospect?

We have been (and are still) sweating away in Mumbai, it is getting ridiculous and downright taxing and I have been Googling "Monsoon 2016" daily now. I also have a love/hate relationship with Accuweather who keeps predicting thunderstorms and showers in Mumbai, only to find out they skipped my area (this city is way too big for its own good!)

Monsoon aside, I usually rejoice in June for a rather personal reason : This month sees my Birthday (24th June if you were thinking of wishing me).

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 PM

    We are going into our very hot and humid summer, and it's not my favorite season. It's also our rainy season, and I hope it delivers. I love a good rain storm as long as I'm at home! I hope you get the monsoon season soon! I'm a teacher and start vacation on Friday, and it ends in early August. Luckily my sons are old enough to entertain themselves (with lots of nagging to work on online classes, read, read, and read some more!).

    1. Experts are saying that this year we should expect an above normal monsoon since El Nino is on the decline. I sure hope they are right, we can't face a third year of draught.

  2. So interesting how it is the start of school over there and the end of school here in the States. Wishing you a great school year and thanks for the cute printout:)

    1. You are welcome :-) I think it is because Summer in India stretch from March until June. April and May are really the hottest month of the year, and while big schools in cities have AC, it wasn't always the case, and still isn't the case for many government schools. So it only makes sense bot to send kids to school during that time of the year.

  3. And today it is going to be 30C with a "real feel" of 37C in my little Himalayan valley. UGH.
    Well no wonder you & I think so much alike, Cyn! Our birthdays are only about a week apart.
    I'm doing Kim Six's SEO evaluation test, OMG there's so much I don't know about SEO! Thank you so much for introducing me to her.

    1. You are welcome. I myself only found out about her recently after having been introduced to a blogger blogs group.SEO is still something I struggle with too. Blogging throws you a big learning curve hug?


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