18 Signs that you might be a creative person

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Most people think a person is creative if they produce something that looks visually appealing and...well creative.

That is a gross misunderstanding. A creative person is not necessarily an artist to begin with, and there are creatives who could not even draw a stick figure. In fact many scientists are HIGLY creative people.
Being a creative, means that you do not think or work like most "normal" (though I object being called abnormal myself).

Creative people tend to spend a lot of time creating THEMSELVES. It is a state of mind.

There are signs that could indicate you are indeed belonging to that special crowd, so let's dive in!

1) You beat your own drum

Creatives hate rules, guidelines and conformity. And not surprisingly many do poorly in structured environments like school. Thinking in the box is not their thing at all. Creatives do things on their own terms, be it quitting or changing path.

2) You daydream...frequently

Most creative persons spend a lot of time in their own head, thinking about the craziest scenarios, approaching problems in a new way. Thinking about what to do in the case of a space alien invasion could lead to designing a new emergency kit design, or a new life saving procedure, or a new way to tackle an economy crisis. 

3) Your mind is working round the clock

If you don't daydream, you are solving puzzles, compiling lists, or planning your next holiday. Your mind is like an internet browser with a hundred tabs open at all time. 

4) You have a love affair with notebooks

Since creatives spend a lot of time in their own mind, they need ways to collect the overspill. It requires a lot of paper. Chances are you even have at least one notebook in your purse or bag the whole time (I sure do). 
Chances are the load of notebooks you have in your home represent less than 1% of your total mind traffic.

5) You are curious

If you can't help but drink a cup of coffee wondering when coffee was discovered and feel the urge to pull your smartphone out to google it right away, you are a creative person. 
There is that constant urge to discover, learn and do something new that pulls and itch. The urge to try new things is near constant. 

6) You "people-watch"

Creatives and their need to satisfy their curiosity lead to them paying a lot of attention to the world around themselves. And there is nothing more interesting than to watch how others around you behave or what they wear when you are a creative mind (trust me I do it all the time)

7) You "nature-watch"

The natural world is as fascinating as people. I guess that makes us creative great observers of the world. 

8) You constantly seek inspiration...CONSTANTLY

It is perhaps why creative spend so much time observing the world around them. This fresh fodder gets the mind and daydreaming going after all. 

9) You wear super comfy clothing

If you are irritated by the rough feel of certain fabric, or the tight fit of a pair of pants, or how a button down fitted shirt feels it probably means you are a creative mind who hates external stimuli getting in the way of your thinking. 

10) Failure doesn't phase you 

Creatives fail, like every other persons do. But, they tend to take failure a bit less personally and see it as the springboard to a new idea or concept. Failing is nothing to be afraid of for a creative person.

11) You are more prone to emotional high and lows

Creativity is like a wave, it ebbs and flows. There are periods of high creative energy, followed by a big crash that can leave a creative person extremely frustrated. The low energy periods may actually be a way for the brain and body to recharge itself in preparation for the next burst of creative energy. 

12) You see possibilities where others see an impasse

This is due to the fact creatives enjoy solving problems and do not settle for a resolution unless every possible ways to tackle the problem has been explored. After all, remember that creatives spend a lot of time daydreaming and overthinking things. It always pays off. 

13) You don't care what people think

Most of the time, creative people couldn't give a hoot about what others around them think about them. 
The only person that can shake a creative's confidence is themselves. Creative people are often their worst critic. 

14) You hate routine

Routine is the enemy. Routine means you accept the world as it is and stop being curious about things. We don't want that to happen. 

15) You have no problem taking risks

Calculated risks, but risks just the same. Risk taking pushes creative people to find new ways and new solutions. Beside, risk taking means you are going to stay as far as routine as possible (Yes please!)

16) You dive right in

When the creative juice flows, you just floor it and go. It doesn't matter if there is no plan yet, it will come in time. Since failure is nothing to be afraid of, it makes the process of starting a project far less daunting.

17) You start with one idea, and end up doing something completely different

Creative people often let their thoughts and ideas lead the way. This could lead to the plan of painting a room in blue turning into painting it green instead. Nothing is set in stone...ever. 

18) You are driven by your passions

You simply can't do something you don't feel passion for. Something that people around you may not understand. Creatives follow their heart rather than reason when it comes to doing something. Once the passion is gone, the time to drop the project and find a new one has come. 

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