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The light at the end of the tunnel

10:43 AM

Parents the world over will understand what I mean, we all look forward to our kiddos going back to school after the Summer break.

For most parents however, a classing Summer break lasts about 60 days in India, give or take a few extra day.
This year, I will clock a whooping 109 days of Summer vacation! YES, it is about 3.5 months of that insanity. And guess what?

It is FINALLY coming to an end...SOON!

This Monday sees the first day of the last week of this insanity that has been the school Summer break. The last week of my sentence! Oh I can taste the freedom already!

For those of you who aren't regular readers, you might wonder why oh why my Summer break ordeal was such a long one. Here is a quick recap:

I was not happy with my daughter's previous school at all, and decided to switch schools for the coming Academic year. The problem was that the old school ended its session at the beginning of April and the new school ended its session in May only to reopen July end.
This meant that for this one transition period I got stuck in Summer vacation hell a bit longer (ok a whole lot longer) than most parents.

The 109 days would maybe have been a bit more manageable if the school we left didn't treat the last month of it as a joke with many half days, day off, and a complicated new timetable that just went the extra length into hammering the message that they only cared about parent's money and not their feelings or human value.
I kid you not, the last day of FULL TIME school Ishita had was in February, the Academic year ended on April 8th!

Now do you understand why back to school is such an exiting day for me?

Let me tell you, there are only this much arts and craft projects you can do without loosing your mind. And, there is only that much whining you can take from your bored kiddo.
As an introvert, my Summer break stint has been my personal slice of hell. A hell filled with hordes of screaming kids invading my space and disrespecting house rules.

Those 109 days have been filled with too many activities and commuting expenses to simply just get out of the house and put an end to the "I'm booooooooored" remix. And at this point I am pretty sure I have watched all the episodes of Miles from Tomorrowland and Jake and the Neverland Pirates at least 10 times. Get some new material to put on the air Disney junior India!
We've also reached the point at which the library in our neighbourhood became boring if that tells you something!

But this week is the last one! And the song that keeps playing through my head is "There's a light at the end of the tunnel" from the Musical "Starlight Express" :

This week is going to be filled with things to transition us to that blessed and so awaited back to school time (Ishita is as excited as I am).
The new uniform is already hanging in the wardrobe, the school books are waiting to be covered and taken to school.
We have a shopping trip to go buy all the stationary items she will need. And, because she is a new student in the school, she will have a special "transition program" the last 3 mornings of this week to get familiar with everything.

So far the experience with the new school in every matter of communication and orientation has been nothing but exemplary. Simply put, it is the kind of behaviour every parents in India should DEMAND from their children's schools and put an end to the blatant disrespect schools have of parents.
I found myself reflecting a lot on the stress and disrespect the previous school put me through, treating us like nothing more than walking bottomless purses or unlimited ATM cards.

There will probably be a blog post about that coming soon too. 


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