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A few weeks ago, I showed you all how to make a felt traveler's notebook and inserts completely from scratch. You can find the detailed tutorial here.

Today, I am telling you how I put my notebook and inserts to use. I made this notebook to carry around in my purse and jot down ideas and last minute schedule details on the go. It pretty much acts as an auxiliary for my bigger planner which I keep on my desk.

This mini-planner is meant to carry informations I will need when outsite, and temporary hold new tid-bits of informations I might come upon when not at home, until I get the time to log them in into the big's that simple (well to an organised person with borderline OCD planning genes it does!)

My traveler's notebook is divided in 3 sections

My planner is divided in 3 sections and 3 inserts.
There are 3 inserts, one for each section : a planner, a brain dump and important things, in THAT order.

P is for planning

This insert, as its name suggest is all about my monthly planning
This insert comes first, and it's pretty much a hand written little planner in which I write my shopping lists, important events and other planning related information. 
Notice I also keep a bunch of sticky bookmarks and cute little paper clips in the front pocket. 

Here is how the inside of that insert looks like: 

I print out a small calendar and past it on one page, and write the important evens on the next page.

I printed a cute little calendar from this website and I then pasted it inside my planner insert. I used Washi tape to embellish the page and make a small bookmark tab. On the next page, I wrote all the days of the months on two column and wrote the important dates and events of the month. 

The following pages are really just lists and planning bits I need to remember on the go, for example, it lists all the items I need to get on my next shopping trip, or my cash expenses if I have been out all day. 

Brain Dump

as its name suggest, this insert is acting as an overspill for my super active creative mind.

This insert, is meant to dump the content of my super active and creative brain. As most creative person will tell you, our mind literally runs 24/7 and while we are awake it translates as about a million ideas going through our mind. Picture a browser with more than 20 tabs open at all time and you will know how that feels. 

Needless to say it often means I get struck with ideas on the go and the need to write "Google about the discovery of coffee" or "Is tea more popular than coffee" will help me remember to reaserch that later (when I am bored). 
It also serves as an over spill whenever I freak myself out overthinking things. Suddenly putting it all down on paper makes them look less scary. 

The brain dump notebook is something I ALWAYS have in my bag, even before I came up with the idea of a traveler's notebook. It is absolutely vital to have one with me, and if you read my post about creative people, you may remember it is one of the signs and symptoms of creativity

Important things

This insert is meant for all my important phone numbers, addresses and the business cards I want to keep with me on the go

Like its name suggest, this insert is all about the important infos, numbers and addresses I need on my person when out and about. 

It contains some business cards I want to keep, important numbers I want to be sure to have even if my phone dies, and other bits of infos I just really need to keep handy. 
It's not really just for myself, but for people I end up meeting. I am part of some expat circles and I am one of those who've been in Mumbai and India long enough to become a trusted source of information, so when I newcomer ask me something, I can immediately share those important infos instead of saying "Hey I'll Whatsapp you later about these". 

Beside, it aslo comes in super handy when DH says something along the line of "Honey, do you have the milkman's details". Yes, men will be men, always!

I keep all my passport photos in my planner, because you never know when you will need to produce one.
The back pocket of my notebook has a bunch of passport photos, of Ishita, DH and myself. Because, trust me on this, you NEVER know when they will become handy, and I stopped counting the number of times I was asked to provide a passport photo I didn't have. 
This usually ends up with me running to the nearest photographer, have a bunch taken, wait an hour for them to be ready and then end up with a crap load of them leftover. 

Leftovers which inevitably end in a drawer at home where they procreate and left behind because with each impromptu needs for picture we take more of them...ENOUGH!

The leftovers now stay in my planner and we are actively putting an end to this insane passport photos hoarding gig that we had going on. 

And of course, we can't have too many cute paper clips, so I stored a few more on the back pocket as well. "Be prepared" is after all the moto of a planner's freak. 

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